Apostille for Albania

Apostille Convention, abolishing the Requirements of the chain Embassy/Consular Legalization, is an international agreement which has been signed by 105 countries during the Hague Conference on Private International Law in 1962. The Apostille Treaty specifies the modalities through which a document issued in one of the signatory countries can be certified for legal purposes in all the other signatory states. Such a certification is called an Apostille Stamp (what in French means “Certification”). Apostille is an internationally recognized certificate supplementing a notarization or authentication of the document.

Albania and Apostille Convention

The Republic of Albania has been a party of the Hague Treaty since May 09, 2004. Accordingly, any public or official document issued in the USA or other country and destined for Albania should be accompanied by the Apostille Certificate (also called an Apostille Stamp). It is issued by a local office of the Secretary of State or by the U.S. Department of State in Washington (when it comes for Apostille on FBI Clearance Certificate and some corporate documents). However, you should remember that the Apostille is the final step in the document legalization procedure. Before taking a document for an Apostille, you should authenticate it by taking to a proper local of federal USA authority.

It is important to know which intermediate departments are involved in the Apostille process, because the Apostille procedure varies and depends on a type of the document you mean to prepare for Albania. It’s also important to identify what documents are being requested by the country of Albania in order to avoid any delays or additional costs.

Apostille on documents for Albania

Apoling Solutions provides expedited service of Apostille for Albania on any document originating from any USA state, including State of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Florida, Ohio, Illinois, California, etc. The most common Authentication and Apostille services that we offer are:

Birth Certificate Apostille
Marriage Certificate Apostille
Religious/Church Marriage Certificate Apostille
Death Certificate Apostille
Divorce Decree or Judgment of Divorce Certification and Apostille
Single Status Affidavit
Police Clearance Certificate Apostille
FBI Background check Certificate Apostille
Apostille on Power of Attorney, Statement, Affidavit
Parental Consent (Travel Consent Letter) Apostille
– Copy of Passport certified by Notary Public and Apostille
– Copy of Driver License certification by Notary Public and Apostille
Academic Transcript Apostille
Diploma Apostille
– Apostille on Authorization Letter
– Adoption – related document Apostille
Apostille on Articles of Incorporation
Apostille on Certificate of Good Standing
Apostille on Certification of Free Sale
Apostille on Certification of Origin
Commercial Invoice Apostille

Obtaining a Certified Copy of document for Albania

In accordance with legal requirements of the most USA states, original documents cannot be apostilled. Thus, if you need an Apostille Stamp on such personal documents as Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate or Judgment of Divorce, you should consider obtaining a Certified Copy of the document first by ordering it or picking it up personally in a court, local or state Department of Health, Office of City Clerk, etc.

Most of Apostille agencies in NYC and other cities and states, provide exclusively Apostille service on a document that you have to obtain on your own by undergoing through the tedious online search, calling various departments and official authorities. Furthermore, if you need to translate a document and Apostille Certificate into Albanian, you should look for a translation agency after your document is apostilled.

Apoling Solutions is a full – service agency. We can assist you in obtaining a correct document for Albania, authenticate it, apostille it and translate it into Albanian if necessary. We’ll complete all needed steps: DOCUMENT OBTAINING – AUTHENTICATION – APOSTILLE – TRANSLATION at one place!

Apostille on Certified/Notarized Copies of Documents

In our office in Brooklyn, NYC, we certify and apostille all types of documents issued in NYS and deliver them in 1-2 business days. Documents originated in another states or U.S. Federal documents take more time for preparation (3-4 business days). Additional processing time is required if you would like us to order a certified copy of the Vital Records or corporate documents. However, we struggle to provide the fastest services in the area and will save your time and money by offering a vast knowledge of document preparation process and understanding international requirements and internal regulations of the Republic of Albania regarding certification and Apostille process.

Our notary also can provide you with certified/notarized copies of many documents including your driver license, diploma, passport, and more.

If you live in Albania and need Apostille in the USA

If you presently reside in Albania or another country and need assistance in obtaining your public, official or legal documents, please send us a Free Quote Request, email or call us, and let us know how we can help.

Professional NYC Apostille service

Completing an Apostille procedure and preparing documents for Albania correctly can be complicated if performed by amateurs. If prepared improperly, your documents will be denied acceptance by official authorities in Albania costing you time and additional money.

That’s why it is wise to pass the task to professional Public Notaries and Apostille Agents who fully understand the Apostille process and the unique requirements of certain countries, including Albania. Your paperwork is important – let us perform it for you!