Apostille NYC services

Why Apostille documents

In accordance with the Apostille Convention, the legal requirements of the countries which are parties to the international agreement requires that any personal documents issued in the USA to be apostilled or legalized if you intend to use them overseas. Apostille certificates are issued by a state government only for documents which have been signed by a government official (or a Notary Public) of that same state. Consider, that you cannot request a New York Apostille on your documents if your documents have been signed by a government official in Pennsylvania, for example. You would need to obtain an Apostille from the government of Pennsylvania instead.

Our Apostille specialists and Notaries have vast  experience on how to obtain an Apostille in any state. For years we have provided clients with Apostille services in NY and other states, assisting clients them with the preparation of various personal documents meant to be used in foreign countries.

Types and purpose of Personal Documents requiring Apostille Stamp

Power of Attorney (durable, general, limited) – if you need to give authority to an agent, whom you want to appoint to manage your property issues overseas, empower him/her to represent your matters in a court abroad, receive your money or pension in a financial institutions, obtain or retrieve your Vital Records or educational documents from the Civil Registry, official or educational institution.

Power of Attorney Revocationif you want to revoke previously issued Power of Attorney.

Personal Statements and Affidavits – such as consent for property sale (from a spouse or property co – owner), statement – agreement for de-registration from the place of residence, statement – consent from a parent to child allowing official authorities to issue him/her a passport once he/she has achieved the age of 18 (in such countries as Uzbekistan, for example), etc.

Children Travel Consent Letter – if your child intends to travel overseas with one spouse or a third party, border officers in the country your child is a citizen of will ask to presented with such a letter. Otherwise, they will prevent his/her departure.

Single Status Affidavit – needed for marriage purposes, if you plan to marry a foreign citizen and the marriage is going to take place in a foreign country.

No Record of Marriage – required for marriage purposes, as well as in order to confirm that you were never married.

Police Clearance Certificate and Certificate of Good Conduct – if you applied for permanent residency in a foreign country.

FBI Criminal Background Check – some countries require this document legalized if you plan to relocate to a foreign country.

Documents for Transportation of Deceased – if death occurred in the USA, but you desire to transport an urn or embalmed corpse overseas.

Invitation Letter – if you want to invite your friends or relatives to visit you in the USA. This document does not need to be apostilled, but proper preparation is a must.

Apoling Solutions Notaries Public and Apostille Agents, who have extensive experience in document preparation, Apostille and Consular legalization, will draw a proper document for you – in any language, obtain an Apostille stamp or complete document legalization procedure, and translate it into the language of the country where the apostilled document is meant to be used.

Why Chose us for Your Apostille or Embassy Legalization Needs?

We are also proud to highlight a number of additional exclusive services that our clients will benefit from by choosing us out of the many companies in Brooklyn, NYC, NYS or other states in the USA, offering similar services:

Apostille for any document no matter what state it was issued

Consular Legalization

Drawing of Power of Attorney, Statements, Affidavits

Complimentary International Shipping of your documents

Complimentary translation of Apostille and Authentication slip

Rush Apostille services for a small additional fee

Expedited certified translation of documents into a target language

Mobile Apostille Agents services, who’ll travel to a place of your choice

On – premises Notary Public

Same – day courier delivery within the 5 NYC boroughs

Overnight documents delivery nationwide

Once you have gathered the necessary documents you would like us to proceed with, you may mail or bring them personally to our office, conveniently located in Brooklyn at: 8610 19th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11214.

We apostille or legalize your documents quickly and easily!