Apostille for Greece
Apostille on the U.S. documents meant to be presented in Greece

The purpose of the Apostille is to eliminate tedious consular/embassy legalization of the official and public documents meant for use in foreign countries (including Greece), which are the parties of the Hague Convention of 1961. The idea of Apostille is to make the process of documents legalization less complex by verifying documents authenticity by appropriate official county, state and federal authorities in the Statewhere the documents derivate from. Once verified by an apostille stamp, the documents do not entail additional legalization in the Consulate of Greece.

Greece – a party of the Apostille Convention

Greece is a participant of the Hague Convention since May 18, 1985.
Therefore, any public document destined for Greece, Greek private organizations, official or legal authorities or in a Consulate of Greece overseas, should be presented along with an Apostille Certificate in order to be recognized and accepted in the territory of Greece.

For this reason, if you intend to give a power of attorney to a party who’ll to act on your behalf in Greece, apply for the Greek citizenship, take your children who are citizens of Greece overseas, marry a Greek citizen or adopt a child, obtaining an Apostille on such personal documents as birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decree, affidavit, power of attorney, statement, consent, etc. is a must. If you’ll fail to get an Apostille, your documents will be rejected by Greek authorities.
Depending on a type of a document, the Apostille procedure varies, because every particular document necessitates individual approach and requires taking different steps to be prepared in accordance with legal requirements.

For example, a document, signed by an affiant issuing, a principal giving a Power of Attorney, a witness, formally signing an official form or a document before a Notary Public, is usually processed in two effortless steps – obtaining authentication and apostilling the document. Up till now, such documents as Certificates of Vital Records, Police Clearance Certificate, FBI Background Check Certificate, corporate and business documents and legal documents require more knowledge of which competent agencies and authorities to engage in the Apostille process.
That’s why, if you’ve never deal before with the documents preparation for Greece, it is wise to think about employing experienced Apostille providers dedicated to keep you from missing important nuances when it comes to document preparation for Greece.

Besides, if produced and prepared by knowledgeable notaries and Apostille Agents, who are connoisseur of the international document preparation procedure, your documents will be processed in accordance with specific international rules, and will be unquestionably recognized by official authorities in the territory of Greece.

Nationwide Apostille services

When it comes to Apostille for Greece, Apoling Solutions is a New York leading company, providing Apostille services and document legalization, devoted to supply individuals and businesses with the proficiency of our Notaries Public, mobile and reliable Apostille Agents, and, of course, dexterous translators from English into Greek and from Greek into English or any other language.
We assist customers in 5 NYC boroughs: New York, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island and are of assistance to those who live out of New York State.
Our team has vast expertise in the Apostille processing in particular states and will gladly share with you our knowledge and experience by preparing all types of personal, official, financial, business and legal documents meant to be used in Greece.

Apostille on official documents intended for use in Greece

The below listed documents are approved to be official (public) documents. Accordingly, obtaining an Apostille on these documents is obligatory if you would like them to be recognized by authorities in Greece or other foreign countries, members of the Apostille Treaty:

1. Documents issued or produced by government agencies or official representatives, associated with courts and official departments (Department of Health, County Clerk’s Office, FBI, etc.), including documents issued by a public prosecutor or court secretary:
Birth Certificate
Marriage Certificate
Death Certificate
Judgment of Divorce or Divorce Decree
– Judgment of Name Change
FBI Background Check Certificate
– Police Clearance Certificate
– Custody – related Judgment and Court Decisions, etc.

2. Documents issued by administrative authorities and signed by authorized individuals:
– Diploma signed by a Rector
Transcript certified by a School Principal
– Bank References issued by a Bank Manager
Medical documents signed by a hospital administrator, etc.

3. Documents signed by notary public:
Certified and notarized copies of documents (USA DL, passport, copies of school records and diplomas)
– Power of Attorney
– Affidavits (including Affidavit of Single Status)
– Consents including Parental Consent for Travel of their Children

3. Official validating endorsements, placed on documents signed by individuals acting in a personal capacity, such as official certificates of the registration of a document or of its existence on the date indicated, as well as official and Notarial verifications of signatures: Business and Corporate documents such as By – Laws, certificate of Incorporation, Business Contract and Agreements.
The aforementioned documents should be processed in accordance with international law and internal regulations of Greece in order to be accepted abroad or in the Consulates of Greece.

The USA Document retrieving services

If you are in need of obtaining an apostille on a Birth, Marriage or Death Certificate or Divorce Decree, keep in mind that an the Secretary of State will decline apostille services if you bring the originals for Apostille. It is because prior to processing with documents authentication and apostille, you should obtain so called “certified copies” of the documents (accompanied by an Exemplification Letter in some states, including NYS).

At the moment, most of the Apostille services companies in the USA do not provide either document retrieving services or certified translation services into Greek, leaving to you the devastating task of documents retrieval and translating documents from English into Greek language.
This means that you should find out what documents to obtain, learn where to order them and establish how to place an order properly. You also have to find a dependable translation agency who would be able to assist you with translation of your documents into Greek once an Apostille on them is obtained.

Apoling Solutions is a full – service Apostille Services Agency in NYC. We’ll help you with retrieving essential documents, authenticate and apostille them, and make available the top – quality certified translation from English into Greek.

At the Apoling Solutions we can handle all issues at one place – document retrieving – document authentication – Apostille Stamp – certified translation – notary binding.
If you live in Greece, and have to obtain an apostille on a document, issued by the USA authorities or departments (Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate, Judgment of Divorce, educational documents, etc.), kindly let us know by emailing us or dialing: 718-676-4537. We can give you a hand in these matters as well!

Apostille translation into Greek

In spite Greece is a country of the EU, and English remains one of the official languages of the country, 99% of government, official and private agencies, insist on presenting them translation of documents into Greek. Furthermore, in accordance with the requirements of the Republic of Greece, the translation should be certified and, consequently, apostilled.
With Apoling Solutions translators into Greek you do not have to worry about the task of translation of your documents into Greek!

Any document you’ll order with Apoling Solutions, will be prepared properly and translated into Greek professionally and accurately.
The Greek translators, employed with Apoling Solutions, are native Greek speakers and specialists in particular translation fields. No matter if you are an individual seeking for permission for permanent residency in Greece, or a company intending to launch an additional branch office in Greece, we’ll handle translation of all levels of difficulty – from personal documents to corporate and business – legal documentation.

Order Apostille on documents for Greece

Please, send us a request a free – quote via this website, email us an inquiry at: apolingsolutions@gmail.com or bring the documents required an Apostille in person to our headquarter in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, NY. Do you reside in another state? Has your document been produced in a county or state that you do not live any longer in?
You do have a document notarized in other state, but not sure what steps should be taken in order to prepare the document for  Greece?

We’ll take care of any document that you may need to submit in Greece – no matter what county or state it was issued in/by. For years, we have been providing efficient Apostille services for residents of AL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT,VT, VA, WA, WV, WI, WY, and process any document in accordance with the local, state and federal laws and regulations.