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Armenian to English translation

Armenian language is spoken by 6 million people –  in the Republic of Armenia, where it is an official language, and in the self – proclaimed Nagorno – Karabakh Republic. It is also used and spoken by Armenian immigrants all over the world, a large number of whom is living in the USA, France and Russia. According to official census, there are 1,5 million of Armenian immigrants living in the United States. They reside mostly in Los Angeles, California and New York City Metro area. Many of Armenians came to the USA looking for asylum or seeking for an opportunity to study in the United States, some of them were brought here by parents, and some arrived in the USA because were offered a challenging employment opportunity. Accordingly, Armenians have been dealing with governmental, official, educational and private agencies on daily basis what causes the demand on professional document translation from Armenian language into English.

Professional Armenian translation

Apoling Solutions is a leading certified translation agency in NYC offering official translation services from Armenian into English and from English into Armenian in order to meet the needs of Armenian clients. We provide professional translation for wide range of documents including but not limited to:

Armenian Birth Certificate translation

– Armenian Marriage Certificate translation
– Death Certificate translation from/into Armenian
Armenian Diploma translation
– Armenian Academic Record translation
– School Transcripts translation from Armenian
Court Decree and Judgment translation from Armenian
– Summons translation from Armenian
– Armenian Power of Attorney translation
– Personal Statement translation from Armenian
– Affidavit translation from Armenian
Medical History translation from Armenian
– Medical Report translation from Armenian
– Medical Exam translation from Armenian
Vaccination Card translation from Armenian
– Immunization Certificate translation
Armenian Bank Statement translation
– Armenian Tax Reports translation
Technical Manuals translation from Armenian

All translations done in our agency are performed by qualified Armenian translators who are native – speakers, have outstanding command of source and target languages, and are American Translators Association certified. Thus, Armenian translations completed by us, are accepted by official institutions, embassies and consulates in the USA and overseas.

Armenian translation industries

Armenian translators whom we employ for translating important documents, materials and text, are experts in particular fields. Besides paying attention to translators’ linguistic skills, we make sure they are able to perform:

Legal translations from Armenian
– Medical translation from Armenian
Business document translation
– Financial translation from Armenian
Technical translation from Armenian

Our translators who are medical  practitioners, attorneys at law, engineers and bank employees, have outstanding knowledge of professional medical, legal, financial and technical terminology and vast experience in the above mentioned industries. The qualifications of our Armenian linguist allow us to deliver consistent and flawless translations from or into Armenian  meeting the highest expectations of  clients. With us you can be sure that you receive the highest quality Armenian translation services in the area!

Armenian translation and Apostille

If you have public or personal documents issued in the USA (such as birth, marriage or death certificate, court judgment, by – laws, corporate documents, agreements, powers of attorney or affidavits) and intend to use them in Armenia, consider legalization of your documents and translation certification. Being a signatory country of the Apostille Convention since 2006, the Republic of Armenia will not accept foreign documents unless they are properly legalized or contain an Apostille Stamp.

Apoling Solutions’ notaries, Apostille agents and translators make a great team working together on preparing documents for use in Armenia. We know well international requirements as well as internal regulations of the Republic of Armenia, and guarantee accurate preparation of any document you might need.

How to order an Armenian translation

Our translation agency is located in Brooklyn, NYC, and we welcome our clients to visit our office. However, if you live in another borough – Manhattan, Staten Island, Long Island or Bronx, or reside out of state, we encourage you to benefit from the most recent technologies which make communication simple and instant.

If you would like to place an order for Armenian translation services follow these simple and quick steps:

1.Make a photo of your document on your smart phone
2.Send it to us via email of via Request a Free Quote page by clicking here
3.Get a response within an hour
4.Order translation by calling or emailing us
5.Pick up the document personally the same or next business day OR get it via complementary regular, prepaid overnight, FedEx or DHL mail.

If you have any questions that you were unable to find the answers on here, contact us via phone and speak to our project manager. We are always here to serve your needs!