Belarusian translation services Brooklyn, New York
Belarusian language, formerly called “White Ruthenian” or “White Russian,” belongs to the group of Slavic languages and along with the Russian is one of two official languages of the Republic of Belarus. Belarusian is somewhat identical to Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and Czech, however, it contains various linguistic distinctions diverging it from other Slavic languages.

Belarusian to English official translations

Producing a good professional translation from Belarusian into English, French, Spanish, German or any other language entails in – depth understanding of Belarusian language linguistic specifics and mastery of terminology in particular translation field, skills in building well – structured sentences, and good knowledge of idiomatic expressions in both, the source and target languages.

Our translators from/into Belarusian languages possess all skills described above and are able to offer the top – quality Belarusian translation services for clients in New York, NJ, PA, CT, OH, FL and another states. We provide certified translations for immigration and political asylum, educational, financial, legal, business and medical purposes.
Belarusian translations delivered by us are widely accepted because they do meet the most rigid requirements regarding official professional certified translations designated by the American Translators Association and the National Association of Judicial Interpreters and Translators.

If you need to translate your document  to submit it with the USCIS, courts, schools, colleges, universities, academic credentials evaluation centers (such as WES, ECE or GLOBE), hospitals, doctors’ offices or police departments it will be our pleasure to assist.

Belarusian document translation

Our vast experience in working with Belarusian immigrants and companies and practice in managing document preparation for individuals and corporations, made us paying close attention to their needs and requests. Upon analyzing the demand on specific document translations from Belarusian into English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian and 52+ foreign languages as well as from English to Belarusian, we offer certified and notarized Belarusian translation services for the following types of documents:

Birth certificate translation from Belarusian
– Belarusian marriage certificate translation
– Belarusian death certificate
– Belarusian passport translation
– Belarusian Driver License translation
Judgment of Divorce translation from Belarusian
– Belarusian court document translation
Belarusian Diplomas, transcripts and course descriptions
Belarusian Academic references
– Belarusian police clearance certificates
Medical histories and epicrisis translation from Belarusian
– Belarusian Vaccination Record cards translation
– Belarusian Corporate document translation
– Belarusian banking documents translation
– Belarusian tax document translation
– Belarusian references translation
Video transcribing and translation
– Audio transcribing and translation

Professional translators of Belarusian language

Apoling Solutions have high requirements regarding translators’ qualifications and proficiency. Thus, we employ only the most dependable linguists who have exceptional command in Belarusian and a target language, possess outstanding computer skills and deliver the most efficient, accurate and precisely formatted translations of any document you might need to get translated.
All Belarusian translators we chose to entrust tasks of the official document translation, are ATA certified and are connoisseurs of the following fields:

– Translation for Immigration
– Translation for Political Asylum Applicants
– Legal document translation
– Educational document translation
– Medical document translation
Financial translations
Business document translation
– Audio and Video translation (marketing or files meant to be used as evidence in court)
– Website translation
– Localization

English to Belarusian or Russian translation and Apostille

Belarus became a member of the Hague (Apostille) Convention in 2001 and recognizes apostilled documents issued by foreign authorities. Belarus also accepts documents prepared in Russian and translated from English into Russian as long as they are notarized and bear an Apostille Stamp.

If you need to present in the Republic of Belarus a Power of attorney, vital records, court judgments, divorce decrees, wills or testaments which have been issued or originated in the USA or any other country, we will manage to prepare them in accordance with international legal regulations and the Law of the Republic of Belarus. We will translate the documents into Russian or Belarusian and obtain an apostille stamp, necessary for documents intended to be used in Belarus.

We also will help you to prepare all necessary documents if you intend to get married in Belarus.

For an obligation – free quote, contact us via email or give us a call. You also can scan or make a picture of the documents required translation from or into Belarusian and forward it to our project manager. We’ll work out the best rates for bigger translation projects and deliver your documents right in time.

If you are looking for urgent translation in NYC or Brooklyn, we encourage you to benefit from our same – day translation services for just a small additional fee.