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Bosnian to English translation services

Do you hold a document written in Bosnian and need to submit it with official authorities in the USA – the USCIS, a court, a school, a college, a bank or a real estate broker?

Have you been looking for a professional translation agency to assist you with a certified translation from Bosnian into English?

Wonder where to find expert translators of Bosnian who could accurately and promptly translate your document and ensure that it will be accepted?

For professional certified translations from Bosnian into English or from English into Bosnian, stop at the Apoling Solutions’ translation agency in Brooklyn, call or email us if you live out of state, and receive your translation the same or next business day!

Certified document translations from Bosnian into English

Bosnian language is closely related to Serbian and Croatian and most of linguists agree that the three languages differ even less than the American, Australian, and British dialects of English.
Primary differences exist in vocabulary developed since the fall of the Yugoslav Republic, and in the fact that Serbian uses a primarily Cyrillic alphabet, while the Croatian and Bosnian languages depend on a Latin alphabet.

Considering the linguistic differences between these languages we employ only the native speakers of Bosnian in order to provide flawless and culturally correct Bosnian translation services for the following types of documents:

Bosnian Birth Certificate translation
– Bosnian Marriage Certificate translation
– Bosnian Certificate translation
Diploma translation from Bosnian
– Bosnian Academic Record translation
– School Transcripts translation from Bosnian
Court Judgment translation from Bosnian
– Bosnian Power of Attorney translation
– Personal Statement translation from Bosnian
– Affidavit translation from Bosnian
– Bosnian Medical Report translation
Medical Exam translation from Bosnian
– Vaccination Card translation from Bosnian
– Bosnian Immunization Certificate translation
Bosnian Bank Statement translation
– Bosnian Tax Reports translation
– Bosnian Manuals translation

Our linguists understand how crucial the accuracy is when it comes to translation meant to be used for official purposes. That’s why they pay close attention to every single detail, decode linguistic expressions taking into consideration cultural specifics of both, the source and target languages, keep the format of translation as close to original as possible, and pass the final product to professional editors for double check for accuracy.

Industries and translation from Bosnian

The translators whom we keep in our network are experts in particular translations fields such as:

– Legal document translation from Bosnian
– Medical translation from Bosnian into English
– Scientific materials translation
– Financial document translation from Bosnian into English
Business document translation from Bosnian
Technical document translation from Bosnian

In addition to being experts in the above mentioned fields, the linguists whom we entrust with translating your documents, are ATA Certified and have immerse experience in translating the most complicated and hand – written texts and documents. They have in – depth knowledge of legal, financial and technical terminology, excellent writing skills and use the latest translation technologies. This allows us to deliver to superior quality translations and guarantee their acceptance by government, official and private institutions.

Translation, certification and Apostille

If you mean to take a document originated in the USA to the Republic of Bosnia, just translating it might not be enough. It is because Bosnia and Herzegovina ratified the Hague Convention in 1980 and require the document to undertake Apostille procedure in order to be recognized by Bosnia and Herzegovina authorities.

For many years Apoling Solutions notaries, translators and Apostille agents have been assisting people with preparation of their document for use overseas. We are familiar with Bosnia’s legal requirements regarding document legalization and prepare any document in accordance with them.

How to order a translation from/into Bosnian

If you considering hiring Apoling Solutions and assist you in translating your documents, follow easy and quick steps based on usage of the most recent technologies:

1. Make a picture of your document using your phone
2. Email it to us
3. Receive a no – obligation quote
4. If the quotes we’ve provided match your expectations, make a payment via PayPal or by phone
5. Receive your translation in person by visiting our office OR let us deliver it to your door steps by complimentary regular or prepaid USPS overnight, FedEx or DHL mail.

If you have any questions regarding our Bosnian translation services, feel free to contact us anytime!
We are always here to assist!