Burmese translation services agency NYC

Burmese, a Sino – Tibetan family language, is a national language of Burma (Myanmar) and is spoken mainly by Burmese people and Burmese immigrants around the world, including the Burmese population the United States of America.

In spite of the fact that the number of Burmese immigrants in the U.S. remains extremely small, we still take into consideration the needs of 100,000 Burmese people living here and take pride in delivering them consistent certified translation for immigration and official purposes and document legalization in Burma Embassy and Consulate General.

Official Burmese document translation

If you hold a document which is produced in Burmese language and need to submit it with immigration, government or other official authorities in the USA, Apoling Solutions will give you a hand by offering linguistic expertise of our native Burmese translators and our vast experience in providing certified translations from Burmese into English. Burmese language is less popular in the USA comparing to other languages popularity. However, it does not mean that you cannot find a solution if you need an official document translation from Burmese!

The most common types of document we offer professional Burmese translation services for are:

Birth Certificate translation from Burmese
Burmese Marriage Certificate translation
Police Clearance Certificate translation from Burmese
Personal Correspondence and Letters translation from/into Burmese
– Employment reference translation from Burmese
Power of Attorney translation from Burmese
Bank Statement translation from Burmese into English
Bank Reference translation from Burmese
Financial and Tax Document translation from Burmese
Burmese Diploma or Academic Transcript translation
Divorce Decree or Court Judgment translation from Burmese
Professional Audio or video translation services
Corporate By – laws translation from/into Burmese
Certificate of Incorporation translation from/into Burmese
Partnership Agreements translation from Burmese
Business Contracts translation from Burmese
– Power Point Presentation translation into Burmese
– Business Presentation translation from Burmese into English
Advertizing Brochures translation from/into Burmese

Every translation delivered by us is carefully proofread by our professional proofreaders, most of whom reside in Burma.

We care about quality of every single document and struggle to provide perfectly written and formatted translations.

All translations performed by Apoling Solutions, are certified and notarized and printed on special forms containing company’s letterhead, confirmation number of our membership in the American Translators Association and affidavit of translator, signed and notarized. These attributes are necessary for translation acceptance by officials in the USA and foreign countries.

English to Burmese translation and legalization

If you intend to use a document and its translation in Burma, remember that Burma is not a party of The Hague Convention and does not accept an Apostille. To be recognized in Burma a document should undergo through so called chain embassy legalization procedure.

Apoling Solutions will take you through every step of document legalization by offering vast knowledge of Burmese and international laws regarding document preparation for use internationally. With our knowledgeable Notaries Public and specialists handling embassy legalization you are ensured that any document prepared by them will be accepted by any authority in Burma.

How to order a Burmese to English translation or legalization service

Apoling Solutions’ office is conveniently located in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York. If you live in the area, submit your translation inquiry personally by visiting our agency. However, if you reside in another borough or USA state, email us your document that is to be translated from Burmese to English or a document that requires embassy legalization. Receive an instant obligation – free quote, make payment via PayPal or phone and we’ll mail you a translation upon readiness for no additional charge.

If you have more questions regarding our Burmese to English translation services or would like to discuss with us the details of your project, feel free to contact us via phone or email and speak to our customer service representatives. They are always here to listen to you and give you a professional advice regarding translation if necessary.