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Catalan is not, as some believe, a dialect of Spanish, but a language that developed independently out of the vulgar Latin used by the Romans who colonized the Tarragona area. It is spoken by 9 million people in Catalonia, Valencia, the Balearic Isles, Andorra and the town of Alghero in Sardinia. Catalan of course, is not so widely used as the Spanish language, nevertheless, in the regions of Spain where Catalan is an official language, most of the official and public documents are produced and issued in Catalan. Nowadays, most of Catalan people are bilingual and have good command in both, Spanish and Catalan languages. Yet, the task of producing a quality translation from Catalan, might be quite challenging, because not all Spanish speakers have knowledge of Catalan. Thus, a translator, daring to translate from Catalan, should be a native Catalonian.

Most of our linguists whom we entrust professional translation of documents produced in Catalonian language, are native Catalonians, have memberships in professional translation associations in Spain and are able to deliver official translation of incomparable quality.

Catalan translation fields

A good translation should never sound like a translation.
It should be exact, elegant and precise, as though it were originally written in English or Catalan.
However, very few translation agencies actually put forth such an effort.

Apoling Solutions is a cutting-edge supplier of top quality Catalan translation services at market-leading prices in New York metro area and provide:

Catalan Document Translation
– Catalan Interpretation services
Catalan Legal Document translation
Catalan Medical translation services
Catalan Business translation
Catalan Technical translation
Catalan Financial document translation
– Catalan Art – related materials translation

We’ve carefully selected our professional Catalan translators for their outstanding linguistic skills, professional expertise and immense experience. The linguists whom we employ are ATA certified, have in – depth knowledge of the source and target languages and possess excellent computer skills allowing them to scrupulously reproduce the format of the translated document. Most of our translators are native speakers and passionate about providing the highest quality translations at the most affordable rates.

Catalan document professional translations

The degree of bilingualism in our Catalan translators guarantees in-depth understanding of both languages, Catalan and English. The result is a perfectly composed translation of documents and texts that always attends to the richness and nuance of the originals.

After completion studies on customers demand, we focus on providing certified professional translation from Catalan into English and from English into Catalan of the following types of documents:

Birth Certificate translation from Catalan
Marriage Certificate translation from Catalan
– Death Certificate translation from Catalan
Catalan Diploma translation
– Catalan Academic Record translation from/into Catalan
School Transcripts translation from/into Catalan
Court Decree and Judgment translation from Catalan
– Summons translation from Catalan
Power of Attorney translation from Catalan
– Personal Statement translation from Catalan
– Affidavit translation from Catalan
Medical History translation from Catalan
Medical Report translation from Catalan
Medical Exam translation from Catalan
– Vaccination Card translation from Catalan
– Immunization Certificate translation from Catalan
Banking Documents translation from Catalan
– Tax Reports translation from Catalan
Technical Manuals translation from Catalan
Audio and Video transcribing and translation from Catalan

Each translation is carefully reviewed and revised by Catalan specialists (i.e. attorneys for legal translations or doctors for medical documents), to ensure the most accurate translations on the market.

How to order a certified translation from or into Catalan

We offer expedited official translation service for clients in New York metro area while serving those who live out of state. We encourage you to take advantage of recent technologies and benefit of simplicity of our translation ordering process:

1. Request no – obligation quote via this site or phone
2. Make a photo of your document using smart phone and email it to us
3. Receive response within an hour
4. Make payment via PayPal or phone
5. Pick up the translation in – person or receive it by complimentary regular or pre- paid FedEx, DH lot USPS overnight mail.
6. Expedited translation services are also available for small additional fee.

If you still have questions on our Catalan translation services you might need, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to assist and are committed to always delivering a perfect, articulate and precise translation, on time and right on the money!