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Serbian is the official language of Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia. Serbian belongs to the Balto – Slavic languages group. It is the language of 9 million people inhabiting Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Croatia, and the standard Serbian is based on Štokavian dialect. Serbian is also widely used by Serbian immigrants all over the world, including Serbians in Italy, Austria and, of course, the United States (New York and Brooklyn).
Barring a few linguistic differences, the language is more or less alike the Bosnian and Croatian languages. It is written mostly in Cyrillic in Serbia and Bosnia. However, in Montenegro the Latin alphabet is almost always used.

Documents we translate from Serbian

Our expert translators from/into Serbian specialize in delivering precise and accurate professional certified Serbian translation of wide range of document from Serbian into English or vice versa. We offer Serbian translation services of personal, legal, medical or financial documents for immigration naturalization service (INS) or (USCIS), educational, business or employment purposes.

Birth and Marriage Certificates Serbian translation
Divorce certificates translation form Serbian
Diplomas and Transcripts certified translations
Court Judgments professional translation
Police Clearance Certificates translation into English
Corporate documents translation from Serbian
Business documents official translation
Banking documentation translation
Medical exams and epicrisis

Serbian translation services delivered by our certified linguists are guaranteed to comply with both U.S. and Foreign Embassies standards. We provide you with certified and notarized translation of your document along with attached certificate of accuracy (apostilled if necessary) to ensure compliance with the international requirements regarding certification and document legalization.

Serbian translators

Our knowledgeable Serbian translators have diverse experience in specific fields and are masters of medical, business and legal terminology. They are also well-versed in the contemporary expressions and cultural nuances of the Serbian and English languages.
All document translations from Serbian into English and from English into Serbian are performed exclusively by native speakers who are ATA (American Translators Association) certified. This allows us to ensure that all professional Serbian translations are correct, well –written and professionally formatted, adhere to syntax and reflect the cultural idiosyncrasies associated with the Serbian and English languages.

Serbian translations NYC

Our certified translation service agency is located in Brooklyn, NY. However, we are proud to serve Serbian and American from NYC, NYS, NJ, PA, CT, CA and the rest of the USA states.
Contact Apoling Solutions translation agency in Brooklyn, New York, for a personal assessment of your Serbian translation project.

Getting your document translated is easy and fast. We’ll deliver Serbian translation to your door step for No additional CHARGE and email it to you electronically. Email us a document that you need to translate4 from Serbian, get an obligation – free quote, make payment, and receive yur Serbian translation within time frames specified by you via regular mail (complimentary), DHL, FedEx or Express Priority Mail.

We also offer expedited translation from Serbian into English and overnight shipping if necessary!