Certified translation services brooklyn NYC agencyWhat is a certified translation?

The main role of certified translation services agency is to make sure both precision and accuracy are preserved when transforming a text into a new language. When making use of such professional translation services, you don’t have to worry about erroneous interpretation of any meanings or other details. Such official translators get their certifications from American Translators Association following intensive training and difficult to pass exams, so certified translators are qualified to provide the best quality work. They are aware of various equivalences between languages, so they can interpret everything in an accurate manner that doesn’t distort the meaning of the phrases.

There are various types of professional translation services. You have the option to hire an individual who claims knowing certain languages and trust them to be as skilled as they say. Not being certified doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to do a lousy job. Another option is to enter your text into an online automatic translation program and let it do the job. This solution is usually less accurate and it requires a lot of additional work in order to improve the end result. However, these translations will be rejected by official or government authorities.

Professional certified translation services

The best solution is to make use of the services of a certified translation services company. This is your guarantee that the work is going to be extremely accurate.
Apoling Solutions employs exclusively translators who have been certified by reputable professional association such as the American Translators Association. Our translators are certified in translating from one specific language into another one. This means that they have to pass an exam for each of two languages. By passing these exams, they prove they are experts in the literary use of both languages.
Certifications are also given in specific areas or industries. For instance, translators can get a certification in medical translations or in legal translations separately, without any connection between the two areas of expertise.

Translation for immigration and other purposes

If you intend to submit your documents with the USCIS, a school or a bank in the USA, you’ll be asked to present a certified translation of your personal documents:
Birth certificate translation
Marriage Certificate translation
– Divorce Certificate certified translation
– Death Certificate translation
Police Clearance Certificate translation
Divorce Decree certified translation

Apoling Solutions serves Brooklyn and NYC metro area while providing the official certified translation services for AL, CA, CT, FL, NJ, NY, PA and other states. Send us a scanned document, request same-day translation services, and get your translation done professionally and without delay.

Legal document certified translations

At Apoling Solutions we employ the translators who are certified not only in the two languages, but also in the legal area of expertise. This is how you can make sure all terms specific to the legal industry are going to be interpreted accurately, without meaning distortions and possible discrepancies. We perform certified legal translation for courts, the USCIS and attorneys in accordance with rigorous requirements of NAJIT.

Technical documents certified translation

Translation rates get quote nycTechnical terms are vague, hence the need of such narrow specializations when it comes to technical documents translations. There is no room for approximation in areas such as legal and medicine. By using expert translators that aren’t certified in these industries, you might cause severe misunderstandings or confusion.
A certified translation is your guarantee of the work accuracy. You can rest assured the original meaning of your document has been preserved and that the new document is clear and has a good readability in the new language. If you need a document translated from a foreign language into your own one, by working with Apoling Solutions’ certified translators you can make sure the original document has been interpreted accurately and in accordance with official requirements regarding certified translation.

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