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For the last several decades Vietnam became a popular tourist destination. Some American citizens consider purchasing property in Vietnam in order to move overseas after they retire. The USA corporations initiate cooperation with Vietnamese businesses aiming to gain a foreign market.

At the same time, Vietnamese come to the USA for studies or to reunite with family members who filed for them relative petitions with the USCIS.

This causes a big increase in the number of Vietnamese translations which Apoling Solutions is glad to provide for Vietnamese immigrants and American citizens on daily basis.

Vietnamese document translation and certification

Being an approved by the American Translators’ Association agency, we supply clients in New York and those who reside in other states, with professional Vietnamese to English and English to Vietnamese translation services for a wide range of documents, text and marketing materials.

Nearly all of our Vietnamese translators live in Vietnam and are proficient in source and target languages ensuring delivery of the  translation of superior quality. They produce culturally correct, perfectly – written and formatted as close to original as possible, official certified translation of the following types of documents:

Vietnamese Birth Certificate translation
– Vietnamese Marriage Certificate translation
Vietnamese Divorce Certificate translation
– Vietnamese Death Certificate translation
Vietnamese Police Clearance Certificate translation
– Vietnamese Diploma translation
Vietnamese High School Diploma translation
– Vietnamese Academic Transcript translation
Financial Statement translation from or into Vietnamese
– Bank Reference translation from or into Vietnamese
Medical Histories translation from or into Vietnamese
– Immunization Cards translation from or into Vietnamese
Vietnamese Court Documents translation
– Vietnamese Judgments translation
Power of Attorney from or into Vietnamese
– Corporate Document translation from or into Vietnamese
By- Laws from or into Vietnamese
– Patents translation from or into Vietnamese
Vietnamese Technical Documents translation
– Vietnamese Advertizing Materials translation

Apoling Solutions’ linguists are experts in medical, financial, legal, technical and scientific fields what allows our agency to deliver reliable professonal translations accepted by any institution or authority in the USA or Vietnam.

English to Vietnamese translations

If you have in mind to take your document or a translation performed in the USA to Vietnam, your documents should be properly legalized. Otherwise, they will be denied acceptance.
Vietnam is not a member of the Apostille (Hague) Convention and has specific requirements regarding legalization which is completed in several steps.

If you need to translate personal or business documents from English into Vietnamese in order to submit them in Vietnam, Apoling Solutions offers vast experience in document legalization. Our know – how of document preparation procedure is your assurance that any document you might need to have prepared for international use will be prepared properly and promptly.

We are familiar with complicated international legal requirements regarding document preparation as well as internal Vietnam regulations regarding foreign documents acceptance and recognition by Vietnamese authorities.

With us you’ll save your time and money!

How to order a Vietnamese translation

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