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During the last few decades, the demand for Chinese translation and Mandarin interpretation services in New York City has grown quickly, as the number of Chinese immigrants and investors noticeably increased. To meet the needs of individuals who are looking for certified Chinese translation service NYC and Brooklyn and business entities looking for reputable professional Chinese translators, we offer a wide range of Chinese translation services.

Chinese documents certified translation

Have documents in Chinese (vital records, personal documents or statements, court decrees or judgments) which you need to submit in the USCIS or other official authority in the USA? If so, you should get a certified translation from Chinese into English otherwise your documents will be rejected. Apoling Solutions provides same-day translation services for NYC residents and next – day translations for those who live in other states. All our translations are certified as it is required by official institutions.

Chinese business translations

Being able to communicate with consumers and businesses in their native language is essential to conducting business internationally. That’s where we step in with our consistent Chinese business translation service, which will boost your chances of success in foreign markets while allowing you to stick to your company’s brand and policies. Whether you need to translate marketing materials, require video translation or an audio translation from or into Chinese, advertising brochures or manuals, we’ll get them done the best.

Chinese legal documents translation

Apoling Solutions simplified Chinese legal translation resources are professionals spanning various countries and backgrounds. Most of our Chinese legal translators are practicing attorneys with the knowledge and background what allows them to handle even the most difficult legal translations. From Powers of Attorney to summons, decrees and judgments – we handle any document translation you may need..

Chinese medical document translation

Considering the specifics of medical translation, Apoling Solutions requires that all our Medical Translators and Translation Editors to have education, training and work experience in the areas of medicine matching the subject matter they translate from or into Chinese. Therefore, with us you can be assured that any medical document (epicrisis, medical examination report, vaccination card, X-ray report, etc) will be translated from Chinese into English accurately and promptly.

Chinese financial translation services

Whether you have a proof of income, utility bills, bank receipts or monthly statements, documents issued by the IRS or tax return documentation, bring them in. Out Chinese translators who handle this kind of document translation, have vast experience in financial filed and deliver quality Chinese translation of your financial documents from Chinese into English or vice versa.

Technical materials translation from English to Chinese
Website translation from English into Chinese

To meet demand for Chinese translation services in New York, we have raised the number of qualified and certified Chinese translators in New York who will translate your website into Chinese within the time frames specified by you.

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Chinese translation, just like translation from any other language, is a complicated process that needs to be completed by a linguist who doesn’t just speak Chinese but who is a specialist in particular field and also is a native speaker of Chinese. Chinese is a difficult language, for even the people of China use several types of lettering system. In mainland China they use the Simplified Chinese in their documents, while in regions outside mainland China they rather use documents written in so called Traditional Chinese. Considering this, a Chinese translator should be insightful if he wants to provide an efficient and culturally correct Chinese translation service.
Apoling Solutions provides exceptional Chinese translation agency NYC and Brooklyn, because we always highlight the importance of having translators who reside in China, who are able to produce works that are not only perfectly translated, but are also submitted on time and priced reasonably. Wherever the market, whatever your translation needs, leading companies and individuals trust Apoling Solutions to deliver the Chinese translations they require. We work around the clock to deliver you the quality translation on time, always!
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