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Croatian is a South Slavic language spoken mainly in  Croatia and Croatian minorities inhabiting some regions in Bosnia, Herzegovina, the Serbian province of Vojvodina, Bulgaria, Italy, United State of America and other countries.

Certified translation from Croatian

Croatian language is closely related to and mutually intelligible with Serbian, Bosnian and Montenegrin language, and contains many words of Latin and German origin. However, many modern Croatian words are created by combining and adapting existing ones.

A language with such linguistic diversities as Croatian requires translations to be performed by highly skilled linguists fluent in source and target language, proficient in particular fields – medicine, law, finances, real estate, business, education, advertizing etc., and vast experience in translating and digital document formatting.

Apoling Solutions is proud to provide the highest quality Croatian to English translation services for immigration, personal, legal or official purposes. Being a corporate member of the American Translators Association, we meet the requirements regarding certified translation and guarantee that translations done by our Croatian translators are accepted by the USCIS, schools, colleges, universities, medical facilities, courts, legal authorities and business partners.

Croatian document translations

Apoling Solutions is a leading provider of document translation services for individuals, small businesses and larger corporations thanks to our outstanding customer support and convenient online and phone ordering systems. Our clients have chosen us for their document translation needs because they demand excellent quality, fast turnaround, great value, our openness for rates negotiation when it comes to large volume translation projects and complimentary delivery within the USA.

Apoling Solutions is experienced with a range of personal and business Croatian documents translation, including:

Croatian Birth Certificate translation
– Croatian Marriage Certificate translation
Croatian Death Certificate translation
– Croatian Divorce Certificate translation
Croatian Passport translation
– Croatian Driver License translation
Croatian Diploma translation
– Croatian Academic Transcript translation
Croatian Academic Record translation
– Croatian Research Papers translation
– Croatian Course Description translation
Croatian Divorce Degree translation
– Croatian Court Judgment translation
– Croatian Police Clearance Certificate translation
Croatian Medical Record translation
– Croatian Medical History translation
Croatian Vaccination Book or Certificate translation
– Croatian Bank Statement translation
Croatian Bank reference translation
– Croatian Tax Documents translation
Croatian Employment Books translation
– Croatian Reference Letters translation
Croatian Technical Manuals translation
– Croatian Advertising Materials translation
Croatian Business Document translation
– Croatian Certificate of Incorporation translation
Croatian By – Laws translation
– Croatian Business Agreements translation
Croatian Business Contracts and Partnership Agreement translation
– Croatian Patents translation
Croatian Power of Attorney Translation

Our large team of highly qualified and experienced professional Croatian translation experts provides Croatian translation services combined with a wide variety of languages: Croatian to English, Croatian to French, Croatian to Spanish, Croatian to Russian, Croatian to Italian, Croatian to Portuguese, Croatian to Swedish, Croatian to German, Croatian to Chinese, Croatian to Korean, Croatian to Arabic, Croatian to Greek, etc.

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English to Croatian translation to be used in Croatia

Croatia is a party of Apostille (Hague) Convention abolishing the requirements of legalization for foreign public documents.
Accordingly, if you mean to use a document originated in the USA or any other country in Croatia or present the document in the consulate of the Republic of Croatia, just translating your document from English into Croatian might not be enough, because such translation and certification should be properly legalized by Apostille Stamp in order to be accepted in Croatia. Furthermore, the original documents or their certified copies often require further legalization as well.

Apoling Solutions professional Croatian translators work closely with notaries public and Apostille Agents. We have in – depth knowledge of international requirements regarding documents legalization and the republic of Croatia internal legal requirements for foreign documents recognition.

Whether you need assistance in power attorney, statement of affidavit of single status preparation, corporate documents (by – laws, certificates of incorporation, business tax ID certificates, agreements, patents, contracts) or personal documents issued in the USA (birth, marriage, death certificate or judgment of divorce) translation into Croatian and legalization/obtaining an Apostille Stamp, Apoling Solutions is here to handle the tasks.

We have been regularly providing Croatian translation services and foreign document legalization for use in Croatia to the great satisfaction of our clients. Our turnaround time is the shortest in NYC area, quality is the best and the rates are the fairest!

Professional Croatian translation order

The professional Croatian language translators at Apoling Solutions have been working to consistently great feedback from our clients. We provide you with the highest quality Croatian document translations at fairest rates in Brooklyn and New York metro area, and if you would like to know about the cost of your Croatian translation project, please click here for a free quote or call us at: 718-676-4537 to discuss the details of your Croatian translation project with our project manager.