Official Czech to English translation services agency NYC Brooklyn
Are you looking for an expedited, certified, reasonably – rated professional Czech to English Translation or English to Czech translation services in NYC?
Wonder where to find a reputable Czech translation company whom you can entrust with important task of your Czech document translation?
Need to submit your documents along with their official translations with the USCIS/INS, banks, schools, colleges, courts or your potential business partners in the USA or in the Czech Republic?
Let us handle your Czech translation – no matter what document you need to be translated from Czech!

Certified Professional Czech to English & English to Czech Translation Services

We are a professional translation services company offering certified and notarized, efficient, precisely formatted Czech to English translation and English to Czech translation services for individuals and businesses in Brooklyn, New York, Staten Island, Bronx, Queens and Long Island while serving clients nationwide.

Our ATA certified Czech translators can help you to obtain a quality translation which will be doubtlessly accepted by any official authority to which you’ll present it. Having an immense experience in translating various documents and texts, we offer official professional translation services within the following industries:

Czech Legal document translation
Czech Personal Document translation
Czech Medical translation
– Czech School Diplomas and Transcripts translation
Czech Financial translation
Czech Technical translation
Czech Business document translation
– Czech Translations of Corporate and Business Documents
– Czech Advertising Materials translation
– Czech Tourism translation

Czech official Business documents translation

Is your company considering expanding the Czech market and need corporate or business documents translated from English into Czech or having contracts, agreements, by – laws or patents translated from Czech into English?

If so, Apoling Solutions proficient translators from/ into Czech will be glad to assist. We specialize in Business and Legal translations and linguists have excellent knowledge of business and legal terminology. This allows us to deliver linguistically flawless and consistently written translations of any types of business documents.

English to Czech translation, Certification and Apostille

If you plan to use the documents issued in the USA in a Consulate of the Czech Republic, the translation should be certified by a translator in the Czech Republic or a local certified translation agency. Remember, that Czech Consulates in the USA do not provide either translation or certification services. Therefore, you need a specialist who’ll do it for you.

Apoling Solutions provides translation certification and Apostille services if needed. Understanding well the international requirements regarding document preparation procedure, we guarantee that any document delivered by us will be accepted in the Czech Republic or a consulate.

No matter what document your need to translate or legalize – Birth, Marriage or Death Certificate, Divorce Decree issued by the USA court, Power of Attorney, Statement, Diploma, Transcript, Will or Testament – bring it in and get it done properly and promptly!

How to order a certified translation from/into Czech

Our professional official translation agency has an office in Brooklyn, NY, yet we are proud to assist our clients in other states including NJ, PA, CT, OH, FL, CA, VI and IL.
That’s why we are introducing our fast and convenient translation ordering system based on the usage of the modern technologies:

1. Contact us via phone, website, or email
2. Do not have access to a scanner? No problem! Make a picture of your document on your phone.
3. Send us your documents for translation cost and translation processing time estimation
4. Make payment via PayPal or phone
5. Pick up your translation in person by visiting out office or
Get it by mail (COMPLIMENTARY regular mail or prepaid certified, express, DHL or FedEx)

Contact us for a free quote by clicking here. We’ll respond within an hour.
Same – day certified translation services are also available.