Professional certified Danish translation services New York, Brooklyn
If you have a personal or public document produced in Danish language, and  must obtain a certified translation into English, French, German, Spanish, Italian , Albanian, Serbian, Greek, Russian, Polish or any other language, welcome to Apoling Solutions!
As specialists in main European languages we provide professional Danish translations of any document or text that you may need an assistance with. As an reputable official translation agency in Brooklyn, NYC, we offer our clients an uncomplicated, one-stop solution to all their translation needs:

– Danish Translation
Danish Legal Translation
– Danish Marketing Translation
– Danish Business Translation
Danish Medical Translation
Danish Technical Translation
– Danish Specialist Translation
– Danish Contract Translation
Danish Financial Translation
– Danish Certified Translation
– Danish Document Translation
– Danish Urgent Translation
Danish Express Translation
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– Danish General Translation

Professional Danish translation

Danish is a North Germanic language with around 6 million speakers mainly in Denmark, but also in Greenland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Canada, the UAE and the USA. Danish is largely mutually intelligible with Norwegian and Swedish and native speakers of any of the three languages can understand the others. However, studies have shown that speakers of Norwegian usually have good understanding of  both Danish and Swedish far better than Swedes or Danes understand each other.

In order to eliminate discrepancies and minimize possible translation errors we hire exclusively proficient speakers of Danish who have excellent command in source and target languages, are experts in particular fields and able to produce translation exactly in the same format as original is made in.

Being a corporate member of the American Translators Association, we struggle to meet the highest requirements of the organization and ensure that the translations delivered by us are accepted by immigration, governmental and private authorities in the USA and overseas.

Whether you need Danish to English or English to Danish translation services we can assist you by providing efficient translations of the following types of documents:

Danish Birth Certificate translation
– Danish Marriage Certificate translation
– Danish Death Certificate translation
– Danish Divorce Certificate translation
– Danish Divorce Decree translation
Danish Transcript translation
Danish Diploma translation
– Danish Academic Record translation
– Danish Academic Reference translation
Danish Court Judgment translation
– Danish Court Document translation
– Danish Personal Letters translation
Danish Medical Exam translation
– Danish Medical Report translation
– Danish Vaccination Card translation
– Danish Technical Manuals translation
Danish Contracts translation
Danish Agreements translation
Danish Power of Attorney translation

Danish translation for business

If you manage or own a company which is highly successful and intend to take it to the Danish market, it is important to address the barrier which different languages present. You could end up making errors that are costly if you are unable to communicate with foreign clients in their native tongues. Rather than profit from global business initiatives, you might have to deal with clients who are dissatisfied. Therefore, if you need to translate corporate documents, article of incorporation, by – laws, agreements, contracts or patents, it is wise to pass the task to experts of Business and Legal Law who have in – depth knowledge of business and legal terminology, necessary for producing the Danish translation of good quality. And Apoling Solutions will gladly help you to find such professionals!

Certified Danish translation and Apostille

On January 01, 2007 Denmark acceded to the Hague (Apostille) Convention of 5 October 1961. Thus, if you intend to take a public of non – public document and its translation to the Denmark, the document and translation should be legalized. If a document does not bear an Apostille Stamp it will be denied its acceptance by the Denmark official authorities.

Thus, besides official certified translation into Danish, Apoling Solutions also offers document legalization services. We provide Apostille services for NYC, NJ, CT, PA, CA and other states and will properly prepare any document in accordance with international legal requirements and Denmark internal regulations.

Ordering a translation from Danish

If you reside in Brooklyn and would like to come and see us in the office, please do!

However, if you live in different borough (Staten Island, Bronx, Long Island or Manhattan) or out of state, send us a photo of your document, request a free quote, place an order via phone or email, and get your translation delivered to you within the time frames specified by you! We offer complimentary regular mail shipping, prepaid FedEx, DHL or USPS overnight.

If you have any question regarding your translation or our Danish translation services, please feel free to contact us any time. Our project managers are always her to assist!