Dari to English translation service NYC
The Dari language, also referred to as Afghan Persian, is one of the most well-known dialects of the modern Farsi (Persian) language. The distinctions are mainly in the pronunciation of words and the written languages are largely the same. Dari is spoken by an estimated 5 million people in Afghanistan, where it is along with Pashto an official language and serves as the primary tool of communication.

If you have a personal or public document produced in Dari and need it to be translated into English, Apoling Solutions, a leading certified Dari to English translation services in NYC, is the right choice.

We provide certified, accurate and on time translation of various types of documents for many industries, and deliver exceptionally translated content into/from 52+ languages.

Dari certified document translation

Being a corporate member of the American Translators’ Association, Apoling Solutions is certified for meeting the requirements of global standards for translation services. Our translations are accepted by the USCIS, schools, courts, banks, mortgage companies and official authorities in the USA and overseas.

Having a vast experience in providing reliable and official Dari translation services for clients in New York and other states, we are proud to offer certified translation services for the following types of documents:
Birth Certificate translation from Dari
Marriage Certificate translation from Dari
Death Certificate translation from Dari
Court Document translation from Dari
Bank Document translation from Dari
– Financial Statement translation from Dari
– Dari Document translation
– Dari Reference Letters translation
– Employment Reference translation from Dari
– Afghan Passport translation from Dari
– Afghan Court Judgment translation from Dari
Afghan Official Document translation
– Police Clearance Certificate translation from Dari
Business Document translation from Dari

Professional Dari translators

Only working with highly qualified translators with subject area expertise, we employ exclusively professional translators, who are native speakers of Dari, experts in medical, legal, business, financial, technical and immigration fields. Our translators from Dari have in – depth knowledge of the specific branch of science your translation centers on, and much discipline in translation practice. Thus, we ensure that each individual translation project is allocated all the resources necessary to give you the best possible translation in the shortest turnaround time.

English to Dari translations

Considering presenting a document originated in the USA in Afghanistan, Afghan or consulate?
If so, think about planning document preparation in advance. Afghanistan is not a member of the Apostille Convention, thus, a document should undertake a Multi – step embassy legalization procedure in order to be recognized by Afghan government authorities.
Do not know how to legalize your document and translation? No problem! Apoling Solutions can help!
We know well the specifics of document legalization for use in Afghanistan and process the paperwork properly and promptly.

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