Apostille for Norway

Apostille on the U.S. documents meant for use in Norway

The Apostille Convention is treaty drafted by the Hague Conference on Private International Law in 1961. The agreement determines the modalities through which a document issued in one of the signatory countries can be certified for legal purposes in all the other signatory states. Such a certification is known as an Apostille. Apostille Certificates (Apostille Stamps) are affixed by Competent Authorities designated by the government of a country which is party to the Hague Convention.

The purpose of the Apostille Treaty was to abolish the requirements of consular/embassy legalization of the official and public documents destined for foreign countries, the parties of the convention, mentioned above. Apostille is to make a the procedure of documents legalization easier by verifying their authenticity by appropriate official county, state and federal authorities in the country where the documents were produced. Once certified by an apostille, the documents do not necessitate further embassy or consular legalization.

Norway as a party to the Apostille Convention

Norway has been entered and ratified the Apostille Convention on July 15, 1955. From then on, any document meant to be used in Norway or presented to private, official or legal authorities in Norway or a Norway Consulate, must be accompanied by an Apostille Certificate in order to be recognized and accepted.

Obtaining an Apostille on a document destined for Norway is not an obscure procedure. Nonetheless, take into consideration that every single document requires special approach in order to be prepared properly.
For instance, a document, signed by an affiant giving an Affidavit, a principal granting a Power of Attorney, a witness, signing a document in presence of a Notary Public, is typically processed in two simple steps – obtaining an authentication slip (if needed) and apostilling the document. However, such documents as Vital Records Certificates, FBI Background Check Certificate, corporate and business documents and legal documents demand understanding of which agencies and authorities to involve in the Apostille process.

For that reason, if you’ve never done before the documents for Norway, it is recommended to employ proficient Apostille providers dedicated to keep you from committing mistakes. Above and beyond, if prepared by expert notaries and Apostille Agents, the documents will be processed in accordance with established international directives, and will be unquestionably recognized by official authorities in Norway.

Nationwide Document Apostille services

When it comes to Apostille for Norway, Apoling Solutions is a top provider of Apostille services and document legalization, devoting to offer individuals and businesses the vast competency of our Notaries Public, mobile and reliable Apostille Agents and experienced certified translators from English into Norwegian.

We are proud to serve all 5 NYC boroughs: New York, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island and assisting those who reside out of state.
We have an excellent understanding of the Apostille process in particular states and will gladly share with you our comprehension and expertise by preparing all types of personal, official, financial, business and legal documents meant to be used in Norway.

Apostille on public documents

Below are the documents considered official (public) documents in accordance with the Apostille Treaty; thus, obtaining an Apostille on these documents is mandatory if you would like them to be recognized by authorities in Norway or other foreign countries:

1. Documents produced by organizations or official representatives, associated with courts, including documents issued by a public prosecutor or court secretary:
Birth Certificate
Marriage Certificate
Death Certificate
Judgment of Divorce or Divorce Decree
– Judgment of Name Change
– Custody – related Judgment and Court Decisions, etc.

2. Documents issued by administrative authorities and signed by authorized individuals:
Diploma signed by a Rector
– Transcript certified by a School Principal
– Medical documents signed by a hospital administrator, etc.

3. Documents signed by notary public:
– Certified and notarized copies of documents (USA DL, passport, copies of school records and diplomas)
Power of Attorney
– Affidavits (including Affidavit of Single Status)
– Consents including Parental Consent for Travel of their Children

3. Official validating endorsements, placed on documents signed by individuals acting in a personal capacity, such as official certificates of the registration of a document or of its existence on the date indicated, as well as official and Notarial verifications of signatures: Business and Corporate documents such as By – Laws, certificate of Incorporation, Business Contract and Agreements.
The above listed documents should be processed in accordance with international requirements and internal regulation of Norway in order to be recognized overseas.

Document retrieving services

If you have to apostille a Birth, Marriage or Death Certificate or Divorce Decree, bear in mind that an Office of the Secretary of State will not issue an Apostille on the originals of these documents. It is because one should obtain so called “certified copies” (accompanied by an Exemplification Letter in some states) of the documents first and then keep on with their authentication and apostilling.
Presently, most of the Apostille services agencies do not offer either document retrieving services or translation services, leaving to you the chore of documents retrieval and translating documents into Norwegian (if required).

This means that you should find out what documents to obtain, make inquiries on where to order them and learn how to place an order. You also have to find a certified translation agency who will translate your documents into Norwegian once an apostille on them is obtained.
Apoling Solutions is a complete – service Apostille Agency in NYC. We’ll help you with retrieving a proper document, authenticate and apostille it, and provide you with quality certified translation from English into Norwegian.

If you live in Norway, and need an apostille on a document, issued in the territory of the USA (such documents are Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate, Judgment of Divorce, educational documents, etc.), please, let us know by contacting us via email or calling us at: 718-676-4537. We can assist you in these matters as well!

Apostille Certificate translation into Norwegian

Norway often accepts the documents produced in English language. However, Norwegian is the official language of Norway, and now and then official authorities in Norway ask for certified document translation from English into Norwegian.

At the Apoling Solutions we complete all tasks at one place – document retrieving – authentication – Apostille – certified translation – notary binding.
With us you do not have to worry about a thing! Any document you’ll ask us to prepare will be completed in the professional and timely manner!

Order Apostille on documents for Norway

Please, send us a free – quote inquiry via this website, email us a request at: apolingsolutions@gmail.com or bring the documents required an Apostille in person to our office, located in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, NY.

Do you reside in another state? Has your document been issued in the county or state that you do not live any longer in? You do have a document notarized in other state, but not sure what steps should be taken in order to prepare documents for Norway?

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