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Dutch language in New York and New Jersey

In the USA the Dutch language is presented in two variations, both very much distinct from the classic Dutch of Holland by the influence of American-English. The first is the so-called Jersey, or Bergen County Dutch, which is spoken by the Dutch – Americans descendants in Bergen and Passaic counties in NJ. In New York Dutch entirely disappeared decades ago, but in these New Jersey counties the language still alive. The second variety of Americanized Dutch is spoken by modern immigrants, primarily in Michigan. There is little if any communication between the two dialects.

Apoling Solutions’ translators are familiar with both variation of Dutch and supply customers with precise and punctual Dutch translations. These translators are used to working both alone or in teams and ensure delivery of top quality Dutch translation services for NYC, NJ and clients nationwide.

Dutch documents we translate

Taking into consideration the demand on official Dutch translation services in NYC, NYS, NJ, Michigan and other states, Apoling Solutions offers official translations from or into Dutch of the following documents:

Dutch Vital records translation
Dutch medical documents translation
Dutch diploma and transcripts translation
– Dutch academic records translation
– Dutch high school certificate translation
Dutch banking documents translation
– Dutch tax documents translation
– Dutch personal statements translation
Dutch judgments translation
– Dutch summons translation
Dutch business contracts translation
– Dutch agreements translation
– Dutch patents translation
Dutch manuals translation
– Dutch technical documentation translation
– Dutch advertising materials translation
– Dutch scientific papers translation
– Dutch tourism brochures translation
Dutch professional translations
– Dutch interpreting services

See a sample of our Dutch to English document translation:

Our Dutch certified translators

Because we employ exclusively Dutch translators who are native – speakers, they as you would expect are focused on the most represented language of this country, the Dutch, which is also called Flemish for the Belgian variation. Our knowledgeable professional translators will guide you and will deliver quality Dutch to English and English to Dutch translations for your intentional audience and customers. Because these translations are made by certified linguists who are experts in legal, medical, financial and technical translations, you may feel confident that the documents and text translated appeals to your target group.

All translations completed by the Apoling Solutions’ official translators are certified and accompanied by notarized affidavit of translator.

If you need to present your English to Dutch translation in a foreign country, we’ll legalize the document and obtain an Apostille stamp on translation.

Order your Dutch translation

For our clients convenience you can order a certified translation from or into Dutch following the steps below:
1. Submit request via this website or calling us
2. Receive a translation quote
3. Call or email us to confirm the order
4. Pick up a translation in our office or get it via regular, certified, DHL or FedEx mail.

Easy, is not it? Of course, it is!

In addition, our Dutch translation services agency in NYC offers you the fairest rates in New York and are open for rates negotiation on bigger projects!