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Estonian language and professional translation

Estonian is an official language of the Republic of Estonia. In spite the Estonian is considered a European language, it very much differs from the most of European languages because it does not belong to the Indo – European group. It fits to the Finno – Ugric language family, which also includes Finnish and Hungarian. Thus, the difference between the Indo-European languages such as German, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian or English is originally as distant as English is from Arabic.

Estonian language is also divided into the Northern and the Southern dialects. Turtu, the Northern Estonian, is spoken mostly in the big cities including Tallin while Seto and Võro dialects are used in the Southern regions of the country.

In order to produce a reliable, accurate and culturally correct translation from Estonian into English or from English into Estonian, a translator should first recognize the dialect that your document is written in and, of course, be familiar with the dialect.

Estonian translation industries

The Estonian translators hired by Apoling Solutions possess excellent linguistic skills, are native speakers of Estonian language and ATA certified. Most of them are also experts of specific translation industries such as:

Estonian Legal translation
Estonian Medical Translation
Estonian Financial translations
Estonian Personal Document translation
Estonian Technical translation
– Estonian Interpreting services
Estonian document translation

Document translation from Estonian into English

After completion a deep study of our clients – the Estonian immigrants inhabited different corners of the world and the USA, American citizens and needs of small businesses and corporations, we’ve made a decision to focus on translating the below listed documents that you or your business may require sooner or later:

Birth Certificate translation from Estonian
Marriage Certificate translation from Estonian
Divorce Certificate translation from Estonian
Death Certificate translation from Estonian
Estonian Passport translation
Estonian Driver License translation
Personal Letters translation from Estonian
Estonian Power of Attorney translation
Bank Statement translation from Estonian
Medical Exam Report translation from Estonian
Immunization Book translation from Estonian
– Medical History translation from Estonian
Diploma translation from Estonian
Transcript translation from Estonian
Academic Record translation from Estonian
– Course description translation from Estonian
Tax Documents translation from Estonian
– Corporate Document translation from Estonian
Business Contracts translation from Estonian
– Partnership Agreement translation from Estonian
By-laws translation from Estonian
Technical Documents translation from Estonian
– Scientific Research Papers translation from Estonian

Apoling Solutions is a corporate member of the American Translators Association, and certified translations of important documents done in our office are accepted by immigration authorities, schools and universities, evaluation centers, banks, mortgage companies, official and private authorities.

Documents for use in Estonia

Estonia is a party of the Hague Convention (also known as the Apostille Treaty). Accordingly, any document that you intend to submit with the Estonian official institutions should be appropriately legalized in an Estonian Consulate or bear an Apostille Stamp. Without these steps, your documents might be denied acceptance.

We know the legal requirements regarding document preparation for use in Estonia. Our Apostille agents will obtain an Apostille Stamp in a proper department; our professional Estonian translators will translate your documents and certify the translations. By passing to our Mobile Notaries and Estonian translators the task of your document legalization, you are ensured that you will have no complications with Estonian official and government agencies.

How to order Estonian translation services

We always welcome our clients and are really glad to meet all of you in person, in our translation agency in Brooklyn, NY. But we also understand that you might be occupied, live in different borough – Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx or Ling Island, or reside in another state. That’s why we suggest you to take advantage of the modern technologies, which help people to minimize distances, save their time and money, and make an translation ordering process convenient and quick.

If you need to order a translation, simply make a photo of it using your smart phone (access to a scanner is not necessary anymore in today’s fast – paced world), email it to us, get an obligation – free quote within few minutes, and, if our rates will meet your expectations (and we are quite sure they will), place an order via phone or email, and let us deliver the documents at your door for NO additional CHARGE!