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Farsi (Persian) is the predominant modern descendant of Old Persian. There are approximately 110 million Persian speakers worldwide, with the language holding official status in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan.

There are three major dialects of Persian: Farsi (Western Persian or Iranian Persian) which is spoken in Iran about and by minorities in Iraq and Persian Gulf states; Dari (Eastern Persian or Afghan Persian) spoken in Afghanistan and Tajik Persian.

Professional translations from Farsi

In spite of the fact that Farsi, Dari and Tajik are alike, they are very much distinct from each other.  In order produce a quality translation from or into Farsi, translator should be a native speaker of Farsi, not Dari or Tajik, understand its linguistic diversities, have excellent command of source and target language and an expert in particular fields:

Medical translation form Farsi
Financial document translation from Farsi
Education document translation from Farsi
Farsi Legal translations
Farsi Technical translations
Business Document translation from Farsi
– Hospitality – related Materials translation
– Tourism
– Advertising materials translation

See a sample of our translation from Farsi into English:

Farsi document translation services New Tork, Brooklyn

Farsi to English translations

Being a major provider of certified translations in New York and the USA, Apoling Solutions takes pride in serving individuals, small businesses and large corporations by offering accurate, culturally correct and well – written translations from Farsi into English and from English into Farsi.

Our Farsi translations are recognized by governmental and official agencies, medical facilities, courts and financial institution worldwide.

Being a corporate member of the American Translators Association, we struggle to meet the strictest legal requirements regarding certified translation and are well – known in NYC metro area as one of the most reliable professional translation services providers.

Documents translation from Farsi

If you have a document in Farsi and need to translate it into English or any other language, Apoling Solutions offers official translation services for the following types of documents:
Birth Certificate translation from Farsi
Marriage Certificate translation from Farsi
– Divorce Certificate translation from Farsi
– Death Certificate translation from Farsi
Corporate document translation
– Court Document translation from Farsi
Legal document translation from Farsi
Farsi Bank Statement translation
– Iran passport translation from Farsi
– Iran Driver License translation from Farsi
Farsi Diploma translation
– Farsi Academic Record translation

Professional translations performed by our linguist are accepted by the USCIS, legal and financial institutions, schools and universities in the USA and overseas.

If you would like to discuss with us your translation project or would like to find out more about our Farsi translation services, certification or embassy legalization, contact us any time. Our project manager is always here to assist.