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Flemish, which is also called Belgian Dutch, refers to the dialects of Dutch spoken in northern Belgium by about 6 million people. It is one of the three official languages of Belgium, along with German and French. It is also only one official language of the Flemish Region. The Flemish language has a number of linguistic distinguishing features which discerns it from the standard Dutch. Therefore, it is wise to hire knowledgeable translators who are experts in human translation from Flemish.

Flemish to English Translation Service Categories

Whether you need a translation of your vital records, financial statements translation, medical examination and reports translation, translation of  corporate and business documents or court decrees originated  in Belgium or issued by the Belgian official institutions or government agencies, you can rely on the Apoling Solutions’  experienced translators. Our Flemish translation experts are qualified in many industries including but not limited to:

Flemish legal translations
Flemish medical translation
Flemish financial translation
– Flemish technical translation
– Flemish tourism materials translation
– Flemish interpreting services
– Flemish audio and video translation

Flemish to English translations

A human translator is a must for the purpose of correct communicating the meaning and eradicating the fuzziness of translation to Flemish Language. Thus, we are here to serve your Flemish translation needs!
Our vast experience in translation field gained us a reputation of being a reliable translation agency in Brooklyn, NYC that can get any job done properly and promptly. No matter where you need to present your document (translated from Flemish into English or from English into Flemish), the translations produced by our ATA certified linguists are doubtlessly accepted.

Flemish document translation services

Our translators of Flemish have extensive  experience in translating for immigration (the USCIS and INS) purposes, courts, educational institutions, small, businesses and larger corporations and guarantee a 100% satisfaction. We provide numerous document translations in the Flemish to English translation services:

– Vital Records translation from Flemish
– Police Clearance Certificate translation from Flemish
– Flemish passport translation into English
– Reference Letters translation from Flemish
Diploma and Academic Records translation
– Academic Transcripts translation from Flemish
– Medical exams translation from Flemish
– Business documents translation from or into Flemish
– Contracts translation into Flemish
– Agreements translation from Flemish
– Corporate documents translation from/into Flemish
– Tourism brochures translation from Flemish
– Marketing pamphlets translation
Technical documents translation
Certified translation from Flemish
– Professional translations from or into Flemish
Official translation into Flemish or English

English to Flemish translations

If you are going to use your document that was translated from English into Flemish in a foreign country or  embassy of Belgium in the USA or other country, we will assist you with document legalization as well. Depending on a document type time frames will vary. However, we’ll do all our best to prepare your documents in time.

How to order a translation from or into Flemish

To make the ordering process convenient and fast we have managed to develop quick phone and online order systems based on following steps that it will take you just few minutes to complete:

1. Call us and email us a photo of your document (If you do not have scanner, simply make a picture of it on a smart phone)
2. You can also get a free quote by clicking here
3. Receive a translation quote
4. Make payment via phone or internet
5. Pick up your translation personally in our office OR let us mail it to you by regular, certified, FedEx or DHL mail.

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Our translation agency in Brooklyn serves New York, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, Long Island and Bronx while provides expedited translation services for clients residing in NJ, PA, CT, FL, CA and other states.