French translation services company Brooklyn, NYC

French translations in New York

There are 835,000 French immigrants living in New York City metro area. Most of them have arrived from Canada, France, Guinea, Haiti, Togo, Madagascar and other countries where the French is spoken. They file the green card applications with the USCIS, apply for studies in the NYC colleges or universities or struggle to obtain well – paid jobs.

Breaking language barriers is critical in an increasingly interconnected modern world. That’s where in Apoling Solutions comes in, with the proficiency and reliability of the network of the professional French translators and certified interpreters of French language who are committed to deliver the most efficient and budget – friendly French translation service in New York.

We provide quality French translation service for individuals, businesses, government agencies and non-governmental organizations in Brooklyn, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and other cities and states. No matter what type of document you need to translate from French, our linguists can handle any task requested.

Certified French to English translation of documents

Apoling Solutions takes pride in supplying French immigrants in New York and American citizens doing business overseas, in French – spoken countries, with consistent certified French to English translation services for  the following types of personal and official documents:

French Birth Certificate translation
– Marriage Certificate translation from French
– Divorce Certificate translation from French
French Divorce Decree translation
– French Legal and Court Document translation
– French Judgement translation
Certificates of Non – Appeal translation from French
French Diploma translation
French Academic Transcript translation
– French Academic Reference translation
– Term Paper or Final Qualification Paper translation from French
French Business Documents translation
French Corporate Document translation
– Licenses and Insurance translation
– Patents translation from French
– Agreements and Contracts translation from/into French
Financial and Bank Statements translation from French
– Tax – related documents translation from/into French
Technical Documents translation from French
– Marketing Materials translation from/into French
Power Point Presentations translation from/into French

Also, take into consideration that we pay close attention to the format and deliver the translation exactly in the same format as the original French document is made in (samples are below).



French to English translators

The team of our French translators provides the most consistent French translations in New York. Each translator is required to pay strict attention to document formatting and deliver translations from French which look just the same as the original document (as you above). Last but not least, Apoling’s proficient French editors, exclusively native speakers, carefully examine every professional translation before passing to a client the final product, because the clients’ satisfaction is our top priority.

English to French translation and Apostille/Legalization

If you mean to use an issued in the USA document in a foreign country (for marriage, divorce, adoptions or legal purposes), and the country is a signatory of the Hague Convention (1962), the document and its translation should be certified and apostilled. In Francophone world the following countries recognize Apostille: Belgium, France, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, etc. However, many of the countries (such as Canada, Haiti, Morocco, Algeria, Sierra Leone, etc.) have never joint the Apostille Convention and require Embassy/Consular Legalization of documents. Document legalization procedure varies from country to country and you should perform a deep research on how and where to send or bring your document for legalization.

English to French translation New York

Apoling Solutions’ document legalization specialists and apostille agents will gladly share their vast knowledge of the document preparation procedures. We apostille or legalize your document and its translation into French properly and promptly. With us you are ensured that any document that we prepare is accepted by foreign official or private authorities in any country where the French is an official language.

If you consider to hire French translation service New York, have questions regarding a document that requires French to English translation or would like to negotiate the rates, please contact us. We’ll be glad to assist. We also offer our clients the best rates on translations from French into English in New York and DELIVER DOCUMENTS right for NO additional CHARGE.