Certified Georgian translation service in nyc, brooklyn
If you are looking for a certified Georgian translation service because need to translate a personal or an official document from Georgian to English or from English into Georgian, Apoling Solutions offers multiple Georgian translation services NYC and has particular expertise in the following areas:

Georgian personal document translation
Georgian Legal translation service
Georgian Technical translations
Georgian Financial document translation
Georgian Medical translation service
Georgian academic/educational translation

Certified translations from Georgian

Translations produced by the Apoling Solutions’ ATA certified translators from Georgian are accepted by immigration authorities (USCIS and INS), banks and mortgage companies, schools and colleges, courts, official and government agencies in the USA and abroad. If your translation of Power of Attorney is meant to be presented in Georgia, we will Apostille the document along with affidavit of accuracy.

Considering personal and business needs of Georgian immigrants, who file applications with the USCIS, attempt to begin or continue their education in institutions of secondary and higher learning, deal with banks and financial institutions purchasing real estate in the USA, should submit evidence and documents to the U.S. Courts or legal authorities, we provide professional quality Georgian translations of the documents listed below:

Georgian birth certificate translation
– Georgian marriage certificate translation
Georgian divorce decree or judgment translation
– Georgian academic document translation
Georgian High/Secondary school diploma translation
– Georgian university diploma translation
Georgian academic records translation
– Georgian transcripts translation
– Georgian course description translation
– Georgian police clearance certificate translation
Georgian court document translation
Georgian medical records, histories, vaccination cards translation
Georgian bank statement translation
– Georgian bank references translation
– Georgian financial document translation
Power of attorney translation into Georgian or from Georgian into English
– Georgian personal document translation for political asylum and immigration purposes
Georgian certified translation services
– Georgian official translation service

See a sample of Georgian document translation into English:

Georgian document translation NYC Brooklyn

Translation from Georgian New York Brooklyn

Our professional Georgian translators

We work exclusively with Georgian translators who have excellent command in Georgian, English,  Russian, French, Spanish and other languages, are native – speakers and experts in particular fields, mentioned above. Also, besides delivering  exceptional Georgian translation which are consistent and perfectly written , our linguists pay close attention to document formatting and produce translations in the format of the original document. Every stamp, graphic, every single signature and mark will be reproduced in the translation in order it to meet the strictest  requirements regarding certified translations.

How to order a Georgian translation

In order to make translation process fast and smooth we developed unique online and phone translation ordering system.
Any translation from Georgian into English, Georgian into French, Georgian into Spanish, Georgian into Russian, Georgian into Ukrainian or any other language can be ordered and completed in 3 easy steps:

1. Upload your document on Free Quote page
2. Receive a free quote within minutes
3. Pick up your translation same or next day or get it by regular, certified, Priority, FedEx or DHL mail.

We guarantee the best rates in NYC and Brooklyn while promise the superior quality and 100% acceptance by government and private authorities of any translation from Georgian into English produced by our official translators from or into Georgian.
If you have any questions regarding your document translation project or want to find out more about our official Georgian translation services, contact us via phone. Our experienced translation project managers and customer service assistants will do all the best to assist you professionally and promptly!