Official certified German translation services New York Brooklyn
At Apoling Solutions you can get an official certified translation from German into English and from English into German of any type of personal or business document. Our German linguists are highly skilled within the translation industry and employ the latest translation technologies. Therefore, we are able to offer the most accurate and professional German document translation services to our clients. In addition, our cost effective translation pricing policy ensures that you get a certified, efficient German translation service at the most fair price possible.

German Document Translation Services in New York

We specialize in providing high volume official German Translation services and our translation agency in NYC is dedicated to meeting firm deadlines for the translation of personal or business documents.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual that needs a certified personal document translation of such documents as:
 – Birth Certificate translation from German
– German Marriage Certificate translation
Police Clearance Certificate translation from German
– Personal Correspondence and Letters translation from/into German
Employment reference translation from German
Power of Attorney translation from German
– Bank Statement translation from German into English
Bank Reference translation from German
– Financial and Tax Document translation from German
Diploma or Academic Transcript translation from German
Divorce Decree or Court Judgment translation from German
Audio or video translation

or a large corporation looking for:

Corporate By – laws translation from/into German
– Certificate of Incorporation translation from/into German
Partnership Agreements translation from German
– Business Contracts translation from German
Power Point Presentation translation into German
– Business Presentation translation from German into English
– Advertizing Brochures translation from/into German
Website translation into German

Apoling Solutions can help you to get your project completed and deliver translation into or from German in an accurate and timely manner.

Furthermore, if you intend to use your documents overseas, our Apostille Agents can help you to obtain an Apostille and legalize documents in accordance with international legal requirements and rules, established by the Hague Convention.

See a sample of our German to English translation below:

German document translation Brooklyn, NYC


German bank statement translation. Same day. Expedited translation.

We can also translate German documents into many other languages; our translators from German have extensive experience in providing accurate and precise German translations into 56+ foreign languages. Our German translation service agency offers compliant certified translation, notarized translation, legal document translation, medical hospital translation, technical translation, real estate translation, etc.

Same – day translation services
– Accepted by the USCIS, courts and schools
– Cost effective translations
– Expert native – speaker translators from German into English
– Professional editors
– Free courier delivery
– Complimentary shipping within the USA

Official English to German translations

The demand for English to German translations grows in proportion to the spread of German purchasing and economic powers. Time is of the essence in modern digital age. However, technical and professional matters do not have an impact on trans quality of German document translation delivered by Apoling Solutions’ linguists.  German is an especially precise language.  Our  English to German translation service must invariably meet the most exacting standards. Cost is always a consideration, and no exception can be made for top-quality English to German translations. How can an English to German translation service meet multiple objectives?

A first step is to build a local network in Germany. Knowledgeable and resourceful people on the ground make a world of difference when complex English to German translations are needed quickly. This does not mean that German translation services should depend on full-time personnel alone. It is better to work through a base of freelancers. Specialists from diverse fields who are fluent in both English and German are invaluable resources when technical projects are on the anvil. This is also relevant for text related to a field that is not widely known.

Fortunately, it is easy to access English to German translation service that you can trust and afford. Simply fill-in the Free Quote Form on this website or email us your text. It may be a simple letter, or a document with significant legal implications. Highly scientific matters are welcome. We also have translators for the most complex financial documents. Marketing personnel will be delighted with the quality of English to German translations of their brochures for customers.

You will receive a free quote on request. Do ask for a competent person to establish contact. The pricing system with bulk discounts is certain to be a pleasant surprise. Rest assured that a native German speaker with relevant expertise would attend to your assignment with accuracy and speed.

Expedited Professional German translations in NYC

Visiting New York and must get done a German translation the same day? We will provide rapid turnaround translations, even on very large documents using our large network of translators who, working in team, are able to translate the largest volume of documents within the strictest time frames.

At Apoling Solutions we can tie the economic cost of our translations to the time it takes to get the translation done – accordingly, we focus on improving the effectiveness of delivering expedited translations what in most cases has the outcome of notably reducing the translation rates to the client.

Contact us for a free quote via the website or call us at (718) 676-4537!

We negotiate on price but not on quality!