Official Greek translation agency New York, Brooklyn
The Greek language has, historically, been very prominent across many cultures. For example, over 50,000 words in English are derived from Greek. Its use is also prevalent in the scientific and medical fields. Today, Greek is spoken mainly in Greece and Cyprus but 13 millions Greek immigrants in the USA and  all over the world communicate in their native language and are committed to preserve their language and culture.

Greek immigrants in New York

There are 1,316 million of Greek immigrants living in the United States and 83, 575 of Greek people residing in the New York City metro area.
Lately, more and more Greeks immigrants fled their homeland for the USA, mostly to New York and California. Many Greek immigrants are under the Visa Waiver Program and come to the USA with a temporary three-month long visa, while others arrive with tourist or student visas. It’s mainly professionals. Either they are doctors, teachers or people who have some kind of degree already in Greece.

In order to process their immigration cases, apply for studies in the USA, obtain a NYS or other state Ids, apply for dual citizenship for their children born in NYC, Greek immigrants are often required to translate their documents originated from Greece into English. Some of them need to present proof of residency in the USA to banks and official institutions in Greece for specific purposes, and, accordingly, need to translate their documents from English into Greek.

Greek to English translations in New York

With the boost of Greek immigration to the USA, the demand on Greek translations has been visibly increased in New York and California, the states with the largest number of Greek immigrants.
At Apoling Solutions translation agency in Brooklyn, NYC we‘ll gladly handle your English into Greek or Greek into English translations for the USA immigration, Greek embassy, employment, real estate purposes. We will translate from Greek almost any kind of document:

Greek Vital Records (Birth, Marriage or Death Certificates)
– Greek Passports and Driver’s License
Greek Judgment of Divorce
– Greek Reference Letters
– Adoption related documents
– Natural Parents Renunciation of parental rights
Greek Medical Exams
– Greek Police Reports
– FBI Background Check Certificates into Greek
– Greek Income statements
– INS pre – approval letters
Other supporting documentation for foreign courts
– Greek Academic/scientific diplomas and Educational transcripts
– Certification of Documents
– Legal Letters
– Business Contracts
Greek Financial Documents , Bank Statements and References (e.g. Reports, Presentations)

Our translators from Greek will complete any project you’ll ask us to, efficiently and promptly. All out translators from Greek into English are  ATA (American Translators Association) and provide affidavit of accuracy and certification. See below a sample of our work:

Greek document translation agency Brooklyn, NYCCertified translation from Greek in Brooklyn, NYC

Greek translators NYC

Our certified translators not only have exceptional knowledge of the Greek language and its dialects, but also of the culture and the history what is essential for performing  efficient translations from Greek. We understand the importance of mastery of different Greek languages dialects such as Cappadocian, Cretan Greek, Cypriot Greek and Pontic Greek, thus, we employ the Greek translators who are native speakers and have in- depth knowledge of the above mentioned dialects.

Translation and Apostille for Greece

As a general rule, countries that are party to the Hague Convention, abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents (Greece is party to this Convention) require an Apostille on documents which qualify as U.S.  public documents. Thus, if you intend to present a document along with its translation into Greek in the Hellenic Republic, you might need to get them legalized (apostilled) prior to submitting with the Greek authorities.

Apoling Solutions is a full – service agency. In addition to translation of your documents into Greek, we ‘ll apostille both, translated document and its certified translation.

Our apostille agents and Notaries Public will help you to get prepared birth, marriage, death certificates, power of attorney, corporate documents, IRS forms, etc.. Documents completed by us will compy with internal legal regulations in Greece and international requirements regarding document verification and authentication.

At Apoling Solutions, we know that clients have different budgets and priorities. With this in mind, we have different translation levels, or options to suit your needs and pockets. For more information about Greek translation services, or translation services for any other languages, please contact us via phone, email or send a request for a free quote.