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Hebrew translations in New York

Hebrew to English translations have been on high demand in recent times. This is because there is a large diaspora of Jewish in the United States. Hebrew  is very common language especially for people who file their documents with the USCIS, marry American citizens, want to continue studies in the USA institutions of higher learning or take a medical treatment in the U.S.

During the ancient times the Hebrew language was the language of Israel and Jewish immigrants around the world. This brings the element of where to get the best Hebrew translation services and one such company that can provide such services is the Apoling Solutions.  We are well – known Hebrew translation agency in Brooklyn, NYC as we bring together a network of more than 30 certified linguists who have the ability to provide top quality Hebrew translation service in short time and more importantly at a very reasonable price.  We are ATA certified which ensures you get certified translation from Hebrew into English that meet the set standards for quality and precision.

Hebrew document translation services

Translation of documents is not a mechanical process, as most of people think. It is not about substitution of source words by words in the targeted language. It is because the meaning and connotations of the source and target language are different and each language has its own set of rules that need to be followed. For example, languages like Hebrew require alphabet translation from the right side of the page to the left. To avoid any hiccups, it’s best to hire a Hebrew linguist to translate your document. Also, because the Hebrew language is based on characters, in English-Hebrew translation, Hebrew text can expand anywhere ranging from 20%-60%, while in Hebrew-English translation, the text can contract ranging from 10%-55%, making the translation process difficult. These are a few challenges faced during a translation project.

At Apoling Solutions, we take into consideration all the factors mentioned above and guarantee that any document translation from Hebrew by our experts, will meet your expectations as well as legal requirements regarding certified translation. We are corporate member of the America Translators’ Association what make us working hard to meet the organization’s strict rules and regulation. Therefore, by hiring Apoling’s Hebrew translators to translate your document from Hebrew into English or from English into Hebrew, you are ensured that translations will be undeniably accepted by immigration authorities, courts, universities, schools, hospitals, etc.
The documents we provide certified translation from/into Hebrew are:

Birth Certificate translation from Hebrew
– Marriage Certificate translation into Hebrew
– Hebrew Death Certificate translation
– Personal Letters translation from Hebrew
Police Reports and Police Clearance Certificates
– Legal Letters translation from Hebrew
Court Judgments and Degrees
– Judgment of Divorce
– Wills and Testaments
Hebrew Diplomas
– Hebrew Transcripts
– Records of Final Grades translation from Hebrew
– Court, Social Services US Immigration translation into Hebrew
Hebrew Financial Documents translations
– Hebrew Articles translation
Hebrew Technical translation
– Hebrew Medical translation
Hebrew Medical documents translation
– Official document translation from/into Hebrew
Hebrew Business document translation
– Business License translation from Hebrew

If you have a document which is not listed above, contact us, by submitting it on Request Free Quote Page, emailing us at: apolingsolutions@gmail.com or by calling us at: 718-676-4537. We will answer any inquiry within 30 min.

Hebrew translators

When an individual or a company makes a decision to translate its personal or public documents, business documentation or advertising materials, it adds a special touch and aids the end user to understand and read the product/courseware in his/her own mean.

A Hebrew translator has to deal with various challenges of translating from one language to an totally different language while remaining exact to the original document conveying the intention of the translated original and complying with the grammatical and syntactical rules of the target language.

Hebrew is a language, which requires the a translator to assume serious research of the subject matter of the source text. This professional translator from or into Hebrew should:
• have a systematic knowledge of both source and target language
• be a native speaker and an expert in particular field, and be attentive to verbal characteristics
• have profound knowledge and understanding of the customs, cultural differences, language specific humor and everyday life of the target language audience to enable the end users to understand the translated work as a whole.

Hebrew translation for businesses

Apoling Solutions is also highly effective in advertising services as most firms have entrusted them to offer this services in Hebrew. With the network of over thirty specialists you have the privilege of getting the best linguists for the specific needs you may have in advertisements. We have also embraced technology in all translation services provided making them highly adaptable to the ever changing world in terms of technology.

In our network of approved linguists the translators have been highly trained in legal practice-area specific terminology. In the financial scope we aim to ensure that all the clients seeking financial translation services get the best services ever. This is achieved by the number of Hebrew financial translators at our disposal. These translators and project managers have sufficient training and experience in the Hebrew financial services market. This underlines the diversity of our company as the financial translators have vast experience in dealing with different types of documents that make them all round specialists.

Translating and apostilling documents for Israel

In 1978, Israel signed and ratified the Hague Convention Abolishing the 1961. The purpose of Apostille Convention was to shorten the processes required for a particular country to recognize the official documents issued by another country, by means of Apostille certification. Public documents and certificates that were issued in one of the countries that are signatories to the above Convention, and which bear the Apostille stamp, are valid for presentation in Israel, without the need for additional verification / certification by the diplomatic / consular representative at the Israeli mission. Additionally, for countries that are signatories to the Hague Convention, no additional verification is required by the mission consul of the country for which the document is designated, if it was stamped with an Apostille in Israel.

If you need to present your document along with its translation in Israel, we’ll cover all your needs. We’ll compose a document in Hebrew, obtain and Apostille on it and translate into Hebrew County Clerk verification slip and Apostille Certificate.

If you would like to get a quote on Hebrew translation service or Apostille certification New York, send us the request. It is absolutely free. You are not obliged to buy the services if you find the rates improper. However, we are open for rates negotiation.