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The demand for professional Hungarian translation service and interpreting has been visibly increasing due to globalization, expansion of the European Union and incessant changes taking place in Hungarian economics, political situation and society.

Apoling Solutions, a certified translation agency in New York, provides professional Hungarian translation services for clients in NYC, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, Bronx and nationwide, including surrounding states such as NJ, CT and PA, and pays close attention to concerns of Hungarian immigrants and American citizens who may need official translation services for immigration, court, educational, medical or real estate purchasing/selling purposes.

Official Hungarian translation for individuals and businesses

American citizens travel to Hungary  to get married, participate in court proceedings, sell or purchase real estate properties overseas, initiate business partnerships and sign business agreements and contacts. Therefore, they often need translated from English into Hungarian their vital records, divorce decrees, death certificates, corporate documents and patents. Legalization of the translation and documents is also necessary if translation done in the USA is meant to be presented in Hungary.

On the other hand, Hungarians who immigrate to the USA are also unprepared for the language communication barriers in the foreign country. In order to get enrolled to schools, colleges or universities or process with immigration applications they might need their vital records, academic records and diplomas, high school certificates, medical exams of vaccination certificates translated before submitting the documents to official or government authorities in the United States.

Hungarian documents translation

Considering the above-mentioned needs of our clients, we are proud to offer the most accurate, formatted as close to the original as possible, cost – effective Hungarian to English and English to Hungarian translations of the following types of documents:

Hungarian birth certificate translation
American birth certificate translation into Hungarian
Hungarian marriage certificate translation
Hungarian divorce certificate translation
– Hungarian Passport translation into English
– Hungarian ID translation into English
Hungarian court judgment of divorce translation
– Hungarian court document translation
Hungarian police clearance certificate translation
Hungarian medical exams translation
Hungarian vaccination card translation
Hungarian diploma translation
Hungarian transcript and academic record translation
– Hungarian high school diploma translation
Hungarian bank statement translation
Hungarian financial statement translation
Hungarian by – laws translation
Hungarian business certificate translation
Hungarian patent translation
Hungarian power of attorney translation
Hungarian technical document translation
– Hungarian manual translation
Hungarian prescription translation
– Hungarian insurance document translation

All translation performed by our Hungarian translators are certified and notarized and meet the requirements regarding certified translation of government, private and legal authorities in the USA and Hungary.

We also provide Apostille services on documents and certified translations meant to be used in Hungary.

They have extensive experience in Hungarian document translation for state and federal courts, Department of Homeland Security, the USCIS and INS, IRS, international corporations and educational institutions.

Professional Hungarian translators

The Hungarian translators, whom we assign to your specific project needs, are ATA certified, are familiar with NAJIT requirements regarding legal translations, and are specialists in the following fields:

Hungarian legal translation service
Hungarian Medical translation service
Hungarian technical translation service
Hungarian financial translation services
Hungarian website translation and localization
– Hungarian hospitality related translation
– Hungarian tourism and travel translation
Hungarian real estate translation services
– Hungarian scientific translation services
Hungarian video transcribing and translation
– Hungarian interpreting services

Our proficient translators are constantly learning about changes in Hungarian and American laws and regulations, fast-changing developments in the English and Hungarian languages and attend professional translators’ training on regular basis.

Thus, you are ensured that professional Hungarian translations produced by the team of our certified Hungarian linguists, are reliable, correct and well – written. All translations are also double checked by editors and proofreaders in order to meet the highest standards of the ATA certification and clients’ requirements.

At Apoling Solutions you can find the most reasonable rates on Hungarian document translation services. We also offer discounts on bigger projects and are open for negotiations.

How to order Hungarian translation

If you live in Brooklyn or NYC metro area, we welcome you to visit our office. However, if you reside in another state or do not have time to come and see us, simply scan or make a photo of your document on smart phone, email it to us, get a quote, make a payment and we’ll mail you the translation upon readiness.

For free quote, please contact us via phone or email. We’ll be glad to assist!