Indonesian translation services

Indonesian is the official language of Indonesia. It is an Austronesian language that has been used as a lingua franca in the Indonesian archipelago for centuries. In spite of the fact that most Indonesians also speak one of more than 700 indigenous languages, Indonesian language keeps the status of the national language.

Professional Translation services for Indonesian immigrants

The number of Indonesian immigrants in the USA is surprisingly low – for some reasons the U.S. was not able to attract Indonesian people. However, these who’ve chosen to come here, are constantly dealing with the USCIS, government agencies and local state and municipal offices and now and then need professional translation services for their documents originated in Indonesia.

Official document translation from Indonesian

If you face a challenge of finding an official and certified translation agency in NYC because require an assistance with completion a task of certified document translation from Indonesian into English, Apoling Solutions is just the right place where to look for help.

We are an ATA certified company and offer efficient well – written and ideally – formatted Indonesian translations of the following types of documents:

Birth Certificate translation from Indonesian
Indonesian Marriage Certificate translation
Indonesian Police Clearance Certificate translation
Personal Correspondence and Letters translation from/into Indonesian
Employment reference translation from Indonesian
Power of Attorney translation from Indonesian
Bank Statement translation from Indonesian into English
Indonesian Bank Reference translation
– Financial and Tax Document translation from Indonesian
– Indonesian Diploma or Academic Transcript translation
– Indonesian Medical Document translation
Court Judgment or Decree translation from Indonesian
– Professional Indonesian Audio or video translation services
– Corporate By – laws translation from Indonesian
Certificate of Incorporation translation from/into Indonesian
– Partnership Agreements translation from Indonesian
Indonesian Business Contracts translation
– Power Point Presentation translation from Indonesian
– Business Presentation translation from Indonesian into English
– Advertising and Tourism Materials translation from/into Indonesian

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Indonesian Birth certificate translation
Official translation from Indonesian

Document legalization for Indonesia

If a document (vital records – Birth, Marriage or Death Certificate, power of attorney, notarized statements or affidavits) are issued in the USA, but destined for Indonesia, they should be properly legalized in order to be recognized in Indonesia. Indonesia has never signed an Apostille Treaty what means that documents should be legalized in the Embassy or Consulate General of Indonesia overseas before taking them to Indonesia.

If you are familiar with the multi – step, vague embassy legalization procedure, you can complete the document legalization assignment on your own. However, if you lack the knowledge on how to prepare your documents for Indonesia correctly, it is wise to pass the task of document legalization to a specialist. This way you’ll save time and money and avoid a problem of document denial by Indonesian authorities.

For more than a decade Apoling Solutions notaries public and experts handling document legalization for use in Indonesia share with clients their immense knowledge, thoughtful approach and broad experience in completion the intricate Embassy/Consular document legalization procedures.

We offer the fastest turnaround time, unconquerable rates for the highest quality services in New York City metro area. With us you are ensured that any document you might need to get done will be prepared appropriately and at the appointed time.

How to order an Indonesian to English translation

We offer our customers two options when it comes to ordering a translation from or into Indonesian language:
1. Bring us your document personally
2. Make a picture of it using your phone or scan a document and email it at:; receive a free quote; if rates are acceptable, make payment via PayPal, phone or by filing our Payment Form; receive a completed translation from Indonesian into English or a legalized document via complimentary regular mail, pre – ordered USPS certified, overnight, priority or express mail.
If we failed to cover some of questions you may have regarding our professional Indonesian translation services, do not hesitate to contact us via phone. Our project managers are always here for you and will provide every client with valuable advice and support!Scan1