Irish translation services agency NYC, Brooklyn

Irish language enjoys a status of the national language of the Republic of Ireland and is one of the officially recognized languages of the European Union. It is spoken by a small minority of Irish people and is a second language of the larger number Irish population.

Considering strong economic connections between the EU countries and fast development of international economic ties between the EU countries, including Ireland, and Asian, Middle Eastern, the South and North American States, the demand on business document translations from Irish into other languages has been constantly increasing.

Furthermore, in the United States about 33.3 million Americans—10.5% of the total population—reported Irish ancestry in the 2013 American Community Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau. This means that Irish immigrants deal with official government authorities, financial or educational institutions in the USA on daily basis. Therefore, they face the issue of translating their documents originated in Ireland into English in order to make them acceptable in the USA.

Thus, if you have a document in Irish and are looking for a certified Irish translation company in New York, Apoling Solutions is one of the best choices.

Irish document translation into English

Being a member of the American Translators Association and employing exclusively professional Irish translators who are native – speakers and have excellent command in both, source and target languages and are experts in particular fields, Apoling Solutions guarantees the highest quality of every translation from Irish performed by our linguists.

The most common types of documents and projects that we translate from or into Irish are:

– Irish Personal letters, emails, correspondence translation
– Irish power of attorney, summons, courts decisions and decrees)
– Irish Diplomas and Transcripts translation
– Irish Medical histories, records, epicrisis and vaccinations cards
– Irish Financial statements, tax forms, bank references
– Irish  business and corporate documents, presentations, advertising materials
– Irish Interpreting Services
Irish Video and Audio translation and transcribing services

Upon completion, every Irish translation is double – checked by our professional editors for accuracy and consistency, format precision and punctuation. Because we struggle to achieve the perfectness in every single task, with us you are ensured to get the best results within the strictest time frames.

No matter if you have a simple document requiring certified translation from Irish into English, or more complicated and larger volume of documents to be translated (such as corporate or legal documentation, for example), we will handle them all.

Translation industries and Irish translation

Apoling Solutions takes pride in offering you the vast experience of our professional Irish linguists who are experts in the following fields:

Personal document translation
Medical translation services
Financial document translation
Legal translation
Technical translation services

In addition to their outstanding linguistic and computer skills, the majority of our Irish translators also have professional degrees in the above listed fields. They are medical doctors, attorneys, financial and technical specialists, possessing in – depth knowledge of specialty terminology and excellent writing and document formatting skills. This allows us to provide our clients the most efficient certified translations in the market.

Irish translation s and Apostille

If you mean to use a document in Ireland, remember that you should legalize it properly before taking it overseas. Ireland has been a party of the Apostille Convention since August 26, 1955, what means that any document originated in a foreign country should be authenticated and apostilled in order to be recognized by official and legal authorities or private institutions in Ireland.

Apoling Solutions is a full – service agency. We can obtain a necessary document for you, apostille the document along with its certified translation and prepare both, a document and translation in accordance with international legal requirements. With us you are ensured that any document you let us handle will be accepted and recognized in the Republic of Ireland.

How to order an Irish to English translation

If you live in Brooklyn or within New York City metro area, please come and enjoy a personal communication with us. Take pleasure in the coziness of speaking to our customer service representatives, professionalism of our translation project managers and quality of every service that we provide. However, if you reside in another borough or state or have a busy schedule and are not able to travel to out office, take advantage of contacting with us online or phone.

If you need an instant quote and want us to expedite a translation process, upload a picture of your document in Irish, email it to us and our project manager will get back to you within half hour and discuss with you the project. He also provide the detailed explanation of our Irish translation services and make any recommendations if necessary.

We are committed to deliver the first – class services – translation, its certification, document authentication and apostille services.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any unresolved issues, questions or need a professional advise from a linguist, a Notary Public or an Apostille Agent. Your needs are important to us and we treat them as our own!