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The Italian language is known to have developed from Latin and most of the Italian speakers live in Italy, their native country. Italian is also known worldwide as the native Italians who have moved to many parts of the world and many countries, such as Switzerland, for example, keep using the language in every day life and teaching their children Italian to preserve the national identity.

Italian to English translations NYC

Italian is one of the most widely used languages in America since there are a large number of immigrants of Italian origin inhabiting New York City metro area and other states. These Italians who have migrated to the international scene are mainly the ones who provide translation services from Italian into English and from English to Italian. However, only a very few of these people have sufficient expertise to offer certified Italian translation services in NYC and Brooklyn. Even though there are a small number of  reputable Italian translation services in NYC and Brooklyn, you can still find quality work translated to your desired language with good accuracy.

Translations from/into Italian NYC

At Apoling Solutions we are glad to meet your Italian translation needs by offering the best priced translations of the following documents:

Birth, Marriage, Divorce or Death Certificated Italian to English translation
– Italian Employment Reference translation
Italian Diploma translation
– Academic Record translation from Italian
Academic Reference translation from Italian
– FBI Background Check Certificate translation into Italian
– Police Clearance Certificate Italian translation services
Technical Manuals translation from Italian
Medical Histories and Documentation translation from Italian
– All types of Court and Legal Documents translation into Italian
Financial Documents and Statements translation from Italian into English
Advertising Materials translation from/into Italian

See our Italian to English and English to Italian translation samples below:

FBI POlice Clearance translation to ItalianProfesional translation from Italian into English

Translation from English into Italian, Certification and Apostille

If you need to present a document and its translation in Italy (when applying for Italian citizenship or permanent residency, real estate purchase or marriage purposes), the document and its certified translation into Italian should be authenticated and apostilled. Otherwise, they will be denied acceptance by Italian official authorities. Italy is a member of Apostille Treaty what means that any document originated in a foreign country should bear the Apostille Stamp in order to be recognized in Italy. Depending on type of the document you might need, the Apostille procedure veries.

Apoling Solutions Apostille Agents and certified translators into Italian are your reliable partners and knowlegable advisors when it comes to document preparation for use in Italy. We provide Apostille services for clients residing in all USA states, including clients from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Florida, California, Ohio and Alabama. No matter what document you need translated into Italian and apostilled – we ‘ll get it done in time and properly!

Our Italian translators

To provide Italian translations of the highest quality, excellent writing skills, vast knowledge of particular field and the subject are required in addition to mastery of both Italian and English languages. This is because serious errors are likely to be made if there is no thorough understanding of the subject being handled. These mistakes are seen more in technical manuals, but may not make much difference in simple work and educational documents, diplomas and transcripts translations from or into Italian. For this reason we cooperate only with the Italian translators who are native speakers and are able to deliver best written and culturally correct translations from or into Italian language. Thus, you need not to worry much because our translation services agency does a thorough vetting to our translators before allowing them to work on Italian translation projects.

All our translators are ATA certified and, accordingly, the translation from Italian are accepted by the USCIS, government agencies in the USA and Italy, courts, schools, colleges and such evaluation centers in NYC as ECE and WES .

Italian translation rates

Italian translation services NYC costs vary from company to company. Less complicated work and documents which require translation from or into Italian are generally cheaper to translate. More complicated documents such as technical or legal documents are always more pricy.

Please, contact us for a free quote. We’ll be glad to assist.