Kazakh Translation Services Brooklyn NYC
Apoling Solutions is an exclusive translation service agency in Brooklyn, New York, offering certified, specialized, high quality technical translations from Kazakh to English, English to Kazakh and Kazakh to Russian languages.

When individuals, small businesses or large corporations and their agencies require absolute perfection in the translation of personal, legal, financial or business documents in these language pairs, we are the certified translators they contact.

Apoling Solutions oversees a performance of team of dedicated professional Kazakh translators and either personally translates each project, or supervises and edits each aspect of the translation work.

We have translated hundred thousand of documents from Kazakh, Russian and English languages and unconditionally guarantee the quality of each project we undertake.

Professional document translation from Kazakh

If you need to present a document drawn in Kazakh language to the USCIS, courts, banks, schools, universities, hospitals, doctors or attorneys’ offices, it should be translated in accordance with legal requirements regarding certified translation. Without professional certified translation your documents will be denied acceptance.

After examining the needs of our clients, we offer a wide selection of Kazakh translation services and translate the following types of documents:

Kazakh birth certificate translation
– Kazakh marriage certificate translation
– Kazakh divorce certificate translation
– Kazakh death certificate translation
– Kazakh driver license translation
Kazakh passport translation
Kazakh legal document translation
– Kazakh court document translation
– Kazakh court decree translation
Kazakh diploma translation
– Kazakh transcript translation
– Kazakh academic record translation
– Kazakh high school diploma translation
– Kazakh medical record translation
– Kazakh medical exam translation
Kazakh vaccination card translation
– Kazakh bank statement translation
Kazakh bank reference translation
– Kazakh personal reference translation
– Kazakh police clearance certificate translation
By – laws and corporate document translation
Business agreements translation
– Contract translation
– Technical manuals translation

Kazakh translation industries

As one of the largest Kazakh translation companies worldwide, Apoling Solutions offers specialized Kazakh translation services and related business services to a number of industries:

Kazakh Legal translation services
Kazakh Medical translation services
Kazakh Financial translation services
Kazakh Technical translation services
– Kazakh Personal Document translation services
Kazakh Document translation services

We offer official specialized translation services into Kazakh thanks to our strong and professional Kazakh translators, who are native speakers, live in Kazakhstan, pass quality control, and, of course, are ATA certified in the above mentioned fields. Thus, all Kazakh translations performed by Apoling Solutions linguists are doubtlessly accepted by government and official authorities in the USA and overseas.

Documents and certified translation for use in Kazakhstan

If you mean to present a document issued in the USA or any other country in Kazakhstan, besides translating a document into Kazakh or Russian, you should consider obtaining an Apostille. If you fail to apostille a document, it will not be recognized by authorities in the republic of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan has acceded to the Apostille Convention on April 5, 2000 but the agreement came into legal force on January 30, 2001. In accordance with the Treaty documents destined for use in Kazakhstan should be apostilled by one of the officials in the jurisdiction in which the document has been executed (Competent Authorities).

For many years Apoling Solutions has been assisting clients in document legalization  for Kazakhstan. Whether you have a power of attorney, vital records and their translation, statements, affidavits, business documents, patents, judgments or court decrees, we will help you to legalize them in order them to be accepted in Kazakhstan.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding Kazakh translation services or need assistance with document preparation for use in Kazakhstan or a Kazakh consulate, contact us for a free quote. We’ll be glad to help!