Korean translation service NYC and NJ

Korean translations NYC

For many years Apoling Solutions has been known as a reputable certified translation agency in New York  providing the most reliable official translations from Korean into English and from English to Korean for individuals, small businesses and large corporations in NYC, NJ, PA, CT and other states.

We are committed to delivering highest quality Korean translation services in our core areas:

– Document translation for Immigration and Green Card purposes
Legal translation services
Medical documents translation services
– Engineering
Financial document translation
Technical documents translation
– Website localization
Audio and Video transcribing and translation

If you or your company has a project that requires Korean language expertise, we can work with you to provide the most efficient translation from or into Korean in a manner that best suits your needs and requirements.

Professional Korean translations

How can you be sure that the quality of document translation you’ve ordered is the best?
The key to achieving excellence in Korean translation lies in degree of Korean translators experience and linguistic knowledge, their education and background in specific field. Since Korean is one of the most difficult languages to learn and translate for English speakers, it is uneasy to find proficient Korean translators in NYC who can fully grasp the meaning of professional Korean texts and provide impeccable translations into English.

Our Korean translators

Apoling employs exclusively experienced translators who have an in-depth understanding of the Korean language including its spelling, grammar, and cultural appropriateness. Our professional Korean translators whose native language is Korean are able to perform English to Korean translation, and vice versa for Korean to English translation. We are always ready with a carefully screened pool of professionals who are truly bilingual and bicultural. Our definition of being “truly bilingual” is having a firm command of language that is required for rendering technical and professional expressions from Korean to English and vice versa.

Document translation from/into Korean

Each translator specializes in specific industries for translating related documents. Whether you need:
Personal document translation from Korean
– Medical histories in Korean, examination reports, epicrisis
Legal documents issued by courts
– Financial statements or tax documents translation from Korean
– Military documents translation
– Corporate documents (by-laws, contract, patents, agreements, etc.)
– Advertising materials translation
– Scientific translations
or any other documents for immigration, legal, real estate purchasing or business purposes, we are ready to deliver you a quick turnaround and error – free Korean translations. We are proud to be a corporate member of the American Translators Asscoaition, and garantee that all Korean translations are certified and accepted by the USCIS/INS, mortgage companies, banks, educational institutions and medical facilities.


Our recently developed effective proofreading system is your warranty to nothing except the absolutely consistent, well –written and precisely formatted Korean translations and the highest quality Korean translation service in New York NYC all for the best cost possible.

To get started, obtain a free quote by clicking here, choosing your language and uploading the file you would like to be translated. We are happy to translate the smallest texts or the largest of projects with personalized Korean translation services, customized to your needs.