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Kyrgyz language belongs to Turkic languages group and is spoken by about 4 million people in Kyrgyzstan. It is also widely used by the Kyrgyz diaspora in the United States, China, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Russia. Born in the Kyrgyz Republic, but living overseas, Kyrgyz immigrants deal with immigration authorities, schools, colleges, universities, banks and hospitals, and, accordingly, are in need of translating their documents originated in Kyrgyzstan into foreign languages.

Certified translation from Kyrgyz

Having a developed network of native professional Kyrgyz translators, Apoling Solutions can respond in a fast and efficient way to your Kyrgyz translation needs.
We provide high quality, professional Kyrgyz translation services for individuals and companies in a variety of industries such as automotive, education, energy & power , economy and finance, government, multimedia, tourism and telecommunications, and specialize in delivering:

Kyrgyz Personal Document translation
Kyrgyz Document translation for immigration
– Kyrgyz Medical Document translation
Kyrgyz Financial Document translation
Kyrgyz Business Document translation
Kyrgyz Legal Document translation

Professional Kyrgyz translators

For years, our highly – qualified professional Kyrgyz translators have been helping individuals to overcome the language barriers and improve companies’ global strategy. Our Kyrgyz translators are expert linguists registered with the American Translator’s Association or other professional organizations overseas. They are liable for delivering the top – quality translations from Kyrgyz into English, Kyrgyz into French, Kyrgyz into Spanish, Kyrgyz into Italian, Kyrgyz into Russian, Kyrgyz into German, Kyrgyz into Ukrainian and many other languages. Being experts in the above mentioned fields our translators have mastered technical, medical, financial, terminology in order to meet the highest standards of certification and professionalism required by our company. Thus, with our agency you can be assured to get the best quality translation services in the area.

Official document translation from Kyrgyz

Apoling Solutions is one of the most trustworthy suppliers of personal, financial, medical and business documents translations. No matter where you need to present your document, it will be doubtlessly accepted because translated accurately, in accordance with legal requirements regarding certified translation, and precisely formatted. We routinely translate official documents for consulates, immigration offices and schools, and our Kyrgyz translation services include:

Birth Certificate translation from Kyrgyz
– Marriage Certificate translation from Kyrgyz
Divorce Certificate translation from Kyrgyz
– Passport translation from Kyrgyz
– Personal document translation from Kyrgyz
Power of Attorney translation from Kyrgyz
– Kyrgyz Driver License translation
Kyrgyz School Diploma translation
– Kyrgyz Transcript translation
– Academic Record Translation from Kyrgyz
Court Documents translation from Kyrgyz
– Police Clearance Reference translation from Kyrgyz
– Judgment and Decree translation from Kyrgyz
Bank Statement translation from Kyrgyz
– Financial Reports translation from Kyrgyz
Medical History translation from Kyrgyz
– Vaccination Books translation from Kyrgyz
– Epicrisis translation from Kyrgyz
Technical documents translation from Kyrgyz

Document for use in Kyrgyzstan

If you mean to take a document issued in the USA to Kyrgyzstan, and present it to legal or official authorities there, your document and translation should be properly legalized by completion apostille procedure. Kyrgyzstan joined the Hague Apostille Convention on July 31, 2011 (Convention of 5 October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents) and will not recognize foreign documents unless they bear an Apostille Stamp.

Apoling Solutions’ Mobile Notaries Public, apostille agents and translators closely cooperate when it comes to document preparation for use in Kyrgyzstan. We’ll assist you in drawing a a Power of Attorney, Statement, Reference, Affidavit of Single Status or any other document (in Kyrgyz or Russian language), apostille a document in NY, NJ, PA, CT, CA, FL, OH or any other state, translate authentication slip (if any) and Apostille certificate, and deliver ready for submission in Kyrgyzstan document.

How to order a Kyrgyz translation

Apoling Solutions’ office is conveniently located in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, NYC and we welcome you to visit us in person. However, we are aware that you might live in another borough (Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island or Long Island) or out of state, be limited by time and space, and stripped of the opportunity to meet us face – to- face. That’s why we encourage you to employ beneficial modern technologies helping people around the world to communicate instantly, without leaving their work places of homes.

If you in need of Kyrgyz translation services please follow these simple steps:

1. Contact us via Request free quote page
2. Upload your file (if you do not have a scanner – make a picture of your document using a mobile devise)
3. Get instant no- obligation quote via phone or email.
4. Make a payment using secure PayPal services or by phone.
5. Receive your translation within time frames specified by you via complementary regular, pre- paid certified, overnight or express USPS mail, FedEx or DHL services.

Furthermore, take advantage of our free international shipping on orders of $275 or more.

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