Lao to English translation services New York
Laotian is the English name used for the Lao language, which is one of many Tai languages spoken in Southeast Asia. It is a Tai-Kadai language spoken by approximately 15 million people in Laos and Thailand. Laotian is very much correlated with Thai and speakers of Lao are able to understand spoken Thai without difficulties. Thai speakers though find it more difficult to understand Lao due to lack of exposure to the language and due to numerous dialects of Lao language.
Thus, when it comes to Laotian to English translation services, the translator should be a native speaker of Lao in order to recognize the linguistic diversities and deliver consistent and well – written professional translations from Lao.

Professional Laotian translation services

Apoling Solutions provides high quality Laotian language translation services, supplying clients with legal, financial, technical, medical and scientific document translation, localization and interpreting into and out of Laotian. We are a U.S.-based professional translation services agency with office in Brooklyn, New York, serving local customers and clients in 51 U.S. states.

Our customer-oriented approach have earned us the trust of many of the best technology, engineering, biomedical and pharmaceutical companies. We also are well –known for assisting individuals who intend to immigrate to the USA, study here or those who intend to settle up in Thailand by purchasing real estate there or making financial investments overseas.

Lao to English translations

Being a corporate member of the American Translators’ Association, we ensure that Lao documents translated by our professional Lao translators will be accepted by governmental agencies, official departments and private institutions in the USA and abroad. We specialize in Lao to English translations of the following types of documents:

Birth Certificate translation from Lao
– Marriage Certificate translation from Lao
Death Certificate translation from Lao
– Divorce Certificate translation from Lao
Lao Diploma Certificate translation
– Lao Educational Documents translation
Lao Court Documents translation
– Bank Statements translation from Lao
Tax translation from Lao
– Translation from Lao for immigration
– Lao document translation
– Lao personal statement translation
Lao Medical Document translation
Lao Business Document translation

English to Lao translation and legalization

If you need to present a document or its translation in Laos, take into consideration that your documents should be properly legalized in order to be accepted by authorities overseas. Since Laos never signed the Apostille Convention, the “chain” embassy legalization should be completed.

If you are not familiar with the document legalization procedure, it is wise to consider hiring specialists who’ll do it for you. Apoling Solutions can help you to save time and money by offering an in – depth knowledge of document preparation for use in Laos and guarantees that every step of legalization will be completed properly and promptly.

Ordering a Lao to English translation

Please call us at 718-676-4537 to learn more about our Laotian to English translation services, English to Laotian translations or to find out how Apoling Solutions can help you meet your certified translation requirements. You also can send us an email at and we will get back to you with any answer you might be seeking promptly.