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Latin language, originated from Latium, a region near Rome, had been an official language of the Roman Empire. Most of the Modern European languages derive directly from Latin. Over the centuries the spoken varieties of Latin continued to move away from the literary standard and eventually evolved into the modern Italic/Romance languages: Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Catalan, etc.

In spite Latin is considered a  dead language (nowadays, no one speaks Latin as his native tongue) it still continues to be in use – in the oldest educational institutions of higher learning in the USA, Canada and Europe. What’s more, some of the universities and colleges continue issuing diplomas in Latin (McGill University Canada, Yale and Thomas Aquinas Colleges, Mount Holyoke College, Harvard Law School, Bryn Mawr, Amherst and Wabash Colleges, Columbia College and many other schools).

Also, to say that Latin is not a particularly truthful observation when it comes to education field. Plato, Socrates, Shakespeare and George Washington and the rest of the outstanding figures are not among us as well, but we still study them because they have important things to say about human nature and have shaped our civilization.
Latin is very well known for being, so to say, an “internal” language of medical specialists and attorneys-at-law. Most of prescriptions are still written in Latin, we often see numerous Latin phrases in medical histories and diagnosis documents, and legal texts are flecked with Latin phrases and expressions.

Latin translation services NYC

When it comes to translation from Latin, Apoling Solutions is your most dedicated partner whom you can rely on. Considering the vagueness of the Latin grammar (verb conjugation, noun genders and specific rules of sentence building), we work exclusively with translators who’ve earned their degrees in the highly regarded European Universities or Colleges in the USA and have mastered Latin as a part of the academic program. This helps us to ensure the highest quality of Latin translation services.

Most of our Latin translators are ATA certified or are members of reputable European professional organizations. This allows us to ensure the clients that the Latin translation services we are proud to deliver are of the outstanding quality, produces in the same format as original Latin document and can be handled within the strictest time frames.

Certified Latin diploma translation

Among other academic and civil registry/vital records documents, Latin university diplomas are one the types of documents in which we specialize. Our highly experienced certified translators from Latin into English have translated hundreds of college and university diplomas and certificates from Latin into English. We provide fast and precise translations of Latin diplomas for individuals, organizations, medical and educational institutions.

If you have a Latin Medical diploma or any other diploma in Latin, issued by a College in Vatican, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, or in the USA or Canada and need a certified Latin to English translation, contact us, and get your document translated in just 1 hour (below is the sample of Latin Diploma translation into English).  For fastest service, please include the name of the college or university (or include a scanned copy of the certificate or diploma) in your email message.

Institutions of higher education whose Latin diplomas we have translated into English include the following (among others):

  • Autonomous University of Guadalajara (Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico)
  • Boston College
  • Brown University
  • Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic)
  • Colgate University
  • Dartmouth College
  • Drexel University
  • Erasmus University (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
  • Fairfield University
  • Fordham University
  • Franklin & Marshall College
  • Georgetown University
  • Hahnemann University School of Medicine
  • Harvard University
  • Howard University
  • Manhattanville College
  • McGill University
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • The National University of Ireland (NUI)
  • Princeton University
  • Radboud University Nijmegen
  • Seton Hall University
  • Tufts University
  • Queen’s University (Canada)
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Puerto Rico
  • University of Basel (Universität Basel)
  • Ursinus College
  • Yale University
  • William Smith College


Latin diploma translation into English NYC

Latin diploma translation services nyc brooklyn

We also offer Latin to English text translation of various levels of difficulty. From personal letters written in Latin, to Articles of Law, prayers, religion – related materials – Apoling’s professional Latin translators can handle them all accurately and promptly.

How to order a translation from Latin

Do you need a Latin translation as soon as possible, but live in another borough or state?
No problem! Our certified translation agency is located in Brooklyn, NYC and we always glad to meet our clients in person. However, 75% of our regular customers are those whom we communicate with online.

Email us a scanned document or make a photo of it and send it as an attachment, receive a no – obligation free quote, make a payment via phone or ask us for a Payment Form, and benefit from the fastest Latin translation services ever. We’ll deliver a Latin translation right to your door steps by USPS overnight mail, FedEx or DHL or arrange a courier delivery if you live within NYC metro area.