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Do you have a document in Latvian and need to get a  certified translation in English  – to submit the document with immigration, educational institution, banks or other official authorities?

Need to locate a native translator from Latvian who will assist you in translating your document from Latvian into English?

Want to make sure that your Latvian translation will be accurate, consistent and culturally correct?

For reliable certified official Latvian translation services look no further than Apoling Solutions!

Latvian document translation

Latvian is an official language of the Republic of Latvia and belongs to the Baltic group of Indo – European languages. The language is also widely used by Latvian immigrants living in Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and the USA. Latvian immigrants often face the need to translate their documents originated in Latvia and produced in Latvian into English or another language, depending of the country they live as immigrants as.
Some people deal with immigration authorities, some intend to continue studies in the USA or other foreign country, and some make attempt to purchase real estate properties overseas.

Considering the needs of individuals and businesses, Apoling Solutions offers official Latvian translation services for the wide range and types of documents including:

Birth Certificate translation from Latvian
– Marriage Certificate translation from Latvian
– Divorce Certificate translation from Latvian
Legal papers translation from Latvian
– Bank Reference translation from Latvian
Latvian Bank Document translation
– Latvian Medical Document translation
Latvian Corporate Document translation
– Latvian Tax Document translation
Latvian Diploma translation
– Latvian Academic Record translation
– Latvian Transcript translation
– Latvian Power of Attorney translation
– Latvian Hand – written letters translation
– Latvian Statements translation
– Latvian Certified translation
– Translation from Latvian to English for Immigration purposes

Documents for Latvia translation and Apostille

If you plan to use your document issued by the USA institution or government, we can help you to translate it into Latvian if needed, compose a Power of Attorney in English or Latvian (Latvia accepts documents in English, however, in some cases, it is required that the documents to be in Latvian) and obtain an Apostille on your document.
Latvia is a member of Hague (Apostille) Convention and any document issued in the USA or other foreign country should bear an Apostille Stamp in order to be recognized by the Republic of Latvia government or legal authorities.
We are familiar with Latvia internal regulations regarding document legalization and guarantee that any document leaving our office will be accepted in Latvia.

Our translators from Latvian

Latvian is very specific language with numerous linguistic distinctions. Thus, to produce efficient and culturally correct translations, a translator from Latvian should be fluent in the languages he performs a translation in, have in – depth knowledge of particular field, and be able to reproduce the format of the translated document. The translators, whom we keep in our network, are checked for linguistic proficiency, ATA or other professional organizations certifications and level of formatting mastery. We chose to employ exclusively native speakers of Latvian who are also specialists in the following fields:

Latvian Personal Document translation
Latvian Legal translations
Latvian Medical translation
– Latvian Financial and Banking translation
Latvian Business translation
– Latvian Hospitality translation
– Latvian Tourism translation
Latvian Audio translation
– Latvian Video translation

The skills, expertise and talents of our translators allow us to guarantee the delivery of the translations of the highest quality.

Latvian translation ordering

Our translation agency is located in Brooklyn, NYC. However, if you do reside out of state, request a free quote, make a photo of your document, email us the document, and receive the translation within time frames specified by you. Request a free quote here!