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Are you in need to get your personal or business document translated from Lithuanian for official or legal purposes in the USA?

Are you going to present a document originated in the USA or other country in the Republic of Lithuania?

Looking for an ATA Certified translation agency close to your place of residence?

For quality certified Lithuanian translation services in NYC look no further than Apoling Solutions!

Professional Lithuanian translations

Being one of the oldest Baltic languages, Lithuanian is not an easy tongue to translate. Considering the Lithuanian language linguistic diversities, additional attention, attentive approach to linguistic and cultural nuances and expertise in translated fields are required for producing a translation of good quality.

Providing professional official Lithuanian translations services for Lithuanian immigrants in the USA and overseas, American citizens who deal with official authorities in Lithuania, small businesses and larger corporations, we ensure that any document bearing Apoling Solutions’ corporate seal, is of superior quality and meets compulsory official requirements regarding certified translation of documents.

Lithuanian translations produced by our linguists are accurate, precisely formatted, well – composed and culturally correct, because are carried out by the native speakers, double checked by professional editors and completed within the times frames specified by clients. The translations are accepted by immigration, government, official and private organizations, because Apoling Solutions is a corporate member of the ATA and every translation is supplied by a signed and notarized affidavit of translator.

Lithuanian documents we translate

Examining customers demand on translation of particular types of public and business documents, Apoling Solutions is glad to offer professional official Lithuanian translation services for the following types of documents:

Lithuanian Birth Certificate translation
– Lithuanian Marriage Certificate translation
– Lithuanian Death Certificate translation
– Lithuanian Passport translation
– Lithuanian Police Clearance Certificate translation
– Lithuanian Police Clearance Certificate translation
Lithuanian School Diploma translation
– Lithuanian University Diploma translation
– Lithuanian Record of Final Grades translation
– Lithuanian Transcripts translation
Lithuanian Divorce Decree translation
– Lithuanian Court Documents translation
– Lithuanian Court Judgment translation
– Lithuanian Summons translation
– Lithuanian Complaints translation
– Lithuanian Bank Receipts translation
Lithuanian Bank Reference translation
– Lithuanian Bank Statement translation
– Lithuanian Business Agreement translation
– Lithuanian Patents translation
– Lithuanian Contract translation
– Lithuanian Medical History translation
Lithuanian Clinical Protocols Translation
– Lithuanian Vaccination Report translation
– Lithuanian Vaccination Card translation
Lithuanian Corporate Document translation
– Lithuanian Power of Attorney translation
Lithuanian Apostille translation

English to Lithuanian translation services

In spite of the fact that being a member of the EU, Lithuania agreed to accept most of the document written in English, some institutions in Lithuania still require translation of foreign papers into Lithuanian.
Therefore, if you intend to present a document originated in other country than Lithuania, verify if the English version of the document will be acceptable by Lithuanian recipients, and let us know if you need assistance.

Last but not least, remember that any document that you have intention to take to Lithuania requires obtaining an Apostille Stamp in order to be recognized by Lithuanian official authorities. Lithuania is a signatory country of the Hague Convention. Thus, the document should be properly legalized and meet specific internal and international regulations regarding document preparation.

Apoling Solutions apostille agents and translators closely cooperate with each other when it comes to preparing a document for use overseas. This allows us give clients a warranty that any document produced by us (whether it is an American birth, marriage or death certificate, judgment of divorce, FBI Clearance certificate, a power of attorney, an agreement or an IRS form) will be accepted in Lithuania or in a Lithuanian consulate overseas.

Order a translation from Lithuanian

Apoling Solutions, a translation and Apostille agency is located in Brooklyn, NY. However, we are proud to provide Lithuanian document translation services and document apostille for clients residing in Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island and Long Island, and serve those who live out of state.
If you reside in NJ, PA, CT, CA, OH, FL, VI or in another state, contact us via this website, phone or email, scan or make a picture of the document you need to process, email it to us, receive a free quote, and get your translation delivered to your door by complimentary regular mail, pre- paid certified, overnight, FedEx or DHL services (also complimentary if your order is $275 or more).

If you have any questions regarding your Lithuanian document translation, let us know. We answer inquires within an hour, because have full understanding how important  your time is!