Mongolian translation services brooklyn, New York
For accurate, efficient, fairly –rated and expedited official Mongolian translation services in New York look no further than Apoling Solutions!
Apoling Solutions has been providing official certified translations from and into Mongolian for clients in Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan, Bronx, Long Island and those who reside in other U.S. states.

Mongolian document translation

If you have a document in Mongolian language and need to submit it with the USCIS, USA legal, official or private authorities, and looking for professional certified translators from Mongolian, let Apoling Solutions’ translators to complete the task properly and promtly!

Our certified translators from Mongolian are ATA certified, have expertise in such fields as Medical translation, Financial translation, Business translation, Technical translation, Legal translation and Personal document translation. No matter how complicated your document is and how large is the volume of your project, we can handle any document you may need.

Translations completed by Apoling Solutions native linguists are undeniably accepted by the USA and foreign authorities, because we are a corporate member of the American Translators’ Association and struggle hard to meet the highest standards set up by this professional organization for translators and interpreters.

The most common types of document we take pride in providing certified translation for are:

Mongolian Birth certificate translation
Mongolian Marriage certificate translation
Death certificate translation from Mongolian
Mongolian Passport translation
Mongolian Driver License translation
Judgment of Divorce translation from Mongolian
Court document translation from Mongolian
Mongolian Diplomas, transcripts and course descriptions
Mongolian Academic references
Mongolian police clearance certificates
Medical histories and epicrisis translation from Mongolian
Mongolian Vaccination Record cards translation
Mongolian Corporate document translation
Mongolian Banking Documents translation
Mongolian Tax Document translation
Mongolian References translation
Video transcribing and translation
Audio transcribing and translation

Besides precise examining the translation for accuracy and double checking each document for linguistic flaws and punctuation mistakes, we pay close attention to document format as well. We put great efforts in delivering translations exactly in the same format as the original documents so that you barely see the difference between the source document and its translation. The only difference between them is the language!

How to order a translation from Mongolian

We always take pleasure in meeting our clients personally, in the office of our translation and apostille agency in Brooklyn, New York. Yet, we also understand that your busy schedule or place of residence which might be far away from us, can strip you off the opportunity to bring your document personally. That’s why we invite you to take an advantage of the most recent technologies which let to overcome long distances and time by making cooperation between us and customers easier and closer.

If you have a document or text in Mongolian and need it translated into English, simply scan it or make a picture of it with a phone, email it to us, get a quote for free, make a payment via phone or ask us for emailing you a payment form, and… Get your translation delivered straight to your door steps by complimentary regular mail, certified or express mail, DHL or FedEx.

Easy, is not it? Of course, it is! Because your convenience and our commitment to excellence are our key goals!

If you have additional questions about our professional Mongolian translation services or would like to speak to us personally, contact us via phone and enjoy professional conversation with our proficient customer service representatives. We are always here for you!