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Arabic is primary language of almost 340 million people living mainly in Northern African and the Middle Eastern countries. It is spoken in Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Arabic Emirates, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Western Sahara, Tunisia, Sudan, Palestine (Gaza Strip and West Bank), Syria, Yemen, Oman, Qatar, etc.

It is well known fact that Arabic is one of the most difficult languages to  learn, master and translate. Translating documents into Arabic is not easy either. Arabic is so complicated because this it requires a strong command of the developments and refinements needed to convey a specific message, especially in fields such as technology, law or modern business. Compared to other languages, technological terms are lacking in Arabic. Besides, technology has not had a strong impact on Arabic culture, which makes many modern concepts difficult to translate.

On the other hand, English is a rich and thriving language that has been greatly influenced by technology over the past decades. Adapting English content into Arabic is challenging since this language did not undergo the same recent changes. For instance, in the context of a business document, translating into Arabic is made difficult by the lack of nuances since there is only one word for “management” and “administration”. Both words would be translated as “Idara” in Arabic. However, both words have very different meanings in English and using the same Arabic word to translate both concepts could lead to some confusion. The English words “compute” and “calculate” are both translated as “Hisaab” in Arabic. It is very easy to lose the true meaning of an English sentence after translating it into Arabic.

See the sample of our Arabic document translation into English:


Arabic document translation services

Over many years we have developed an excellent reputation for the quality of our document translation services as well as an unsurpassed expertise in translating the following types of Arabic documents for official, immigration and business purposes:

Arabic Birth Certificate translation
– Arabic Marriage Certificate translation
Arabic Divorce Certificate translation
– Arabic Divorce Decree translation
Arabic Court Document and Judgement translation
– Arabic Legal Document translation
Arabic Business Contracts translation
– Arabic Business Agreement translation
Arabic Power of Attorney translation
– Arabic Personal Letters translation
Arabic Passport translation
– Arabic Technical Document translation
Arabic Manuals translation

We also provide document legalization services and if you mean to use the document originated in the USA overseas, we’ll help you in legalization of your documents in proper Embassy of Consulate and prepare a document in accordance with international requirements and the requirements of the country where the document will be presented.

Translators from Arabic into English

There are other issues with translating content into Arabic. For instance, there has been very little research done in this language regarding the development of computer resources. There are no programs that can check Arabic grammar and no Optical Character Reader (OCR). There are no search engines in Arabic either. Translators have to work in an environment where there are no standards. There are no methodologies or best practices for translators to follow when they work in Arabic. Translators have to follow their gut feeling and adapt a document as best as they can to preserve the meaning from English to Arabic. However, there are many instances where translators simply cannot translate a concept into Arabic and have to keep English words. This is why a lot of Arabic organizations rely on English terms to refer to specific concepts that cannot be translated into Arabic. You will find many English words in Arabic articles, brochures, websites, pamphlets and other marketing materials or business documents since there are simply no words that exist in Arabic to convey these ideas.

We will assign the English to Arabic translation of your documents to a native ATA certified Arabic translator living in the target country where you are going to use the translation of your documents. If you need an Arabic translation for all Arabic-speaking countries our professional Arabic translation services agency in New York will translate your papers into Standard Arabic.

We work with over 50 technical, medical and sworn (official) translators of English to Arabic and Arabic to English and we can offer translations in almost any technical discipline: Manufacturing, Engineering, Telecommunications, Petroleum, Electronics, IT, life sciences, etc.

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