Polish translation services Brooklyn, New York
Polish is a Western Slavonic language spoken mainly in Poland where it is an official language of 40 million people. There are also large Polish Diasporas in Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Latvia, Romania, the UK and USA. Poles live predominantly in Northeast and in Chicago, but there is no place in the USA where they cannot be found. In the USA Chicago is the most known center of Polish immigration. Poles in Chicago are a more visible and spectacular group than the Poles in NYC.

Polish to English translations

The demand on official and certified Polish translation services NYC has been constantly increasing. More and more of young people keep coming from Poland to the USA aiming to continue education here or undertake post – graduate studies. Poles that were lucky enough to win a Green Card Lottery apply for the USA citizenship or file petitions with the USCIS intending to bring their relatives in the USA. At the same time small businesses and corporations endeavor business partnerships and gain new markets in the countries of the Eastern Europe including Poland. Therefore, the business documents which are in English require official translation into Polish.

Polish document translation services

Translating documents from Polish into English and from English into Polish is crucial for completion the goals mentioned above. That’s why, our dedicated and supportive team of professional Polish translators will respond quickly to your Polish translation needs. We offer consistent, accurate, fairly rated, fast translations from Polish to English and from English to Polish or from Polish into French, from German into Polish, from Polish into Italian, from Polish into Spanish, from Polish into Russian or any other languages pair, and ensure maximum precision of all translated documents and materials including but not limited to:

Polish Birth Certificate translation
– Polish Marriage Certificate translation
– Polish Divorce Certificate translation
– Polish Passport translation
– Polish Personal Letters, Greetings and Statements
– Hand – written Documents from Polish
Polish Diploma translation
– Polish Transcript translation
– Polish Academic Record translation
– Polish Record of Final Grades translation
Polish Court Decree and Judgment translation
– Polish Court documents translation
– Polish Business Agreements translation
Polish Partnership Agreement translation
– Polish Advertising Brochures and Materials translation
Polish Medical History translation
– Epicrisis translation from Polish
– Polish Bank Statement translation
Polish Tax Reports translation
– Polish Residence Confirmation Reference translation
– Polish Power of Attorney translation
Polish Certified translations
– Translation from Polish for Immigration purposes
Notarized translations from Polish
– Interpreting services
Video transcribing and translation from/into Polish
– Audio translation services

See a sample of a translation from Polish performed by our linguists:

Professional translation from Polish, Brooklyn, NYC
Polish Divorce translation into English, Brooklyn, NYC

Our professional translators from Polish to English

Translating is not only our main profession – it is also our way of life. Unlike most other translators, we really know and understand what we translate. Apoling Solutions is a corporate member of the American Translators Association and follows the strictest standards for certified translation. As such, we do not make linguistic, grammar, logical or technical mistakes, because we stay away from “easy-to-use translation software,” which ultimately distorts the sense of the original text. All Polish translations are done manually, and, consequently, are well –written and formatted as close to original documents as possible. We also do not have minimum order requirements – we are able translate any volume of documents or texts within the strictest time frames.

On documents originated in the USA and meant to be used in Poland or in a Consulate of the Republic of Poland, we offer Apostille services as well.

Polish translation rates

Our translation estimates are based on word count and the complexity of the material. General Polish to English and English to Polish translation rates are $0.10-$0.16 per word. Technical translations are $0.14-$0.20 per word. However, we open for rates negotiation on larger translation projects.

How to order a certified translation

Our professional Polish translation services NYC agency is located in Brooklyn, however, we are proud to offer official Polish translation services for clients residing in another NYC boroughs, areas and states. If you live in Staten Island, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, or if you reside out of NYS – in Chicago (IL), Philadelphia (PA), Pittsburg (PA), in Los Angeles (CA), San Francisco (CA), Columbus (PA), Cincinnati (OH), Miami (FL), Orlando (FL), Detroit (MI), Washington D.C. or any other state, follow the steps below and get your translation done same – day or next business day:

1. Make a photo of your document on your Smartphone or scan the document
2. Sent it to us via this website or email it at: apolingsolutions@gmail.com
3. Get an obligation – free quote
4. If the quote is acceptable, make payment via PayPal or phone
5. Receive your translation via mail (regular, certified, overnight, FedEx or DHL) or pick it up in our office personally.

Easy, is not it? Of course, it is! Because we are trying all our best to make the translation process the most convenient, expedited and worry – free!