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Portuguese professional translation

If you have a document originated in a country where Portuguese is an official language (Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Macau, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Guinea – Bissau, etc.) and need it translated into English for immigration, educational or other official purposes, Apoling Solutions, a professional translation agency in Brooklyn, NYC, can help.
We provide premium quality and great value Portuguese translation service, assisting individuals, small businesses and large corporations in New York metro area, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, and Bronx while serving customers nationwide.

Portuguese document translation

Whether you need a translation of a bank statement, medical reports or transcripts or a letter from your foreign business partner for immigration, legal or business purposes, we’ll handle your project properly and promptly.

Our professional  translators offer certified and notarized translation services for various types of documents to/from Portuguese and English including:

Portuguese birth certificate translation
– Portuguese marriage certificate translation
– Portuguese death certificate translation
– Portuguese divorce certificate of court decree translation
– Portuguese medical exams translation
Portuguese Diploma translation
– Portuguese academic certificates translation
– Portuguese university degrees and high school diplomas
– Portuguese driver license translation
Portuguese technical document translation
– Portuguese court documents translation
Portuguese corporate documents

See a sample of our translation from Portuguese into English:
Professional Portuguese document translation
Portuguese translation service nyc


Professional Portuguese translators

All Portuguese document translations are performed by translators who are native speakers, ATA (American Translators Association) certified or have formal professional training in translating and extensive experience in particular fields to ensure that translations are accurate, well – written, kept in the same format as the original document and reflect the cultural nuances associated with the target language.

Note that we provide a document certification only to be accepted by government of non-government organizations in the United States and overseas.

Furthermore, if you intend to use your English to Portuguese translation abroad, we will legalize the translation and affidavit of accuracy by obtaining an apostille or completing consular legalization procedure and ensure that your documents will be accepted by foreign authorities of business partners.

Professional Portuguese translations

Our professional translators from English into Portuguese and from Portuguese into English have immense experience and academic degrees in required fields, and will gladly assist you with official translation of any type of documents or texts within the following fields:

– Portuguese personal document translation
Portuguese legal translation services
– Portuguese medical translation services
– Portuguese Real Estate translation services
– Portuguese advertising materials translation services
– Portuguese business document translation services
– Portuguese financial translation
– Portuguese technical translation
Portuguese certified translation services
– Portuguese notarized translation

Portuguese translation rates

The rates for Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese translation service may vary depending on the complexity of the document, text volume, application or form format, formatting requirements and delivery time frame. However, we ensure that our translation rates are the fairest in New York area and Brooklyn and we offer price reduction on high volume translation projects.

How to submit a Portuguese translation order

Our professional translation agency is located in Brooklyn, NYC. However, if you live in another city or state submit your order online or by phone and we’ll mail you translation the same –day or next business day for No additional charge.

Submitting your certified translation request can be done in few easy steps:

– Scan your document of make a picture of it on you IPhone/Smart phone
– Email us the document
Get an obligation – free quote
– If the quote is acceptable, make payment via PayPal, credit card, check by calling or emailing us
– Receive your translation within the time frames specified by you (shipment is complimentary)

Contact us for a free quote via phone or email. We’ll work out the best solution and best rates for you!