Thai translation services New York, Brooklyn
While the official Thai language is widely spoken throughout Thailand, many Thais also speak and understand English –  in Bangkok and the major tourist areas. However, the most of the documents issued by Thai government or authorities are produced in Thai.

Therefore, if you need to submit an official translation of document in Thai with immigration authorities, schools, banks, U.S. courts, financial institutions, mortgage companies of medical facility
Have to translate business or corporate documents into Thai, because your company aims to initiate partnership or business cooperation with Thai companies
are looking for a cost-effective, quality-focused translation company able to provide certified document translation from or into Thai –
Apoling Solutions is your most reliable partner!

Thai document translation into English

We are one of the best partners of multi-language related services for individuals and businesses and struggle to provide accurate, efficient, culturally correct certified translation of wide range of personal, public, legal, medical, technical, financial and business documents:

Thai Vital Records translation
Thai Business Document translation
Thai Recommendation Letters
Thai Employment reference translation
– Police Clearance Certificate translation from or into Thai
– FBI Background Check Certificate translation into Thai
Thai Financial Documents translation
– Thai Bank Statement translation
– Thai Tax Records translation
– Thai Legal Document translation
Thai Court Document translation
– Thai Judgments and Decrees translation
– Thai Medical History translation
Thai Medical Exam translation
– Thai Technical Documents translation
– Thai Educational Documents translation
Thai Diploma translation
– Thai Transcripts translation
– Thai Scientific Papers translation
– Thai Articles translation
– Thai Personal Letters translation
– Translation from Thai for immigration purposes
– Translation from Thai for Green Card
Certified Thai translation

Our professional Thai translators are ATA certified Thai translators, have degrees in linguistics and are experts in medical translation, legal translation, financial translation, technical translation and educational document translation. Most of them are native speakers of Thai and have excellent command in both, source and target languages. Thus, Thai translation service provided by Apoling Solutions are of the superior quality, well – composed, linguistically and culturally correct, precisely formatted and carefully edited and meets all legal requirements regarding certified translation established by official authorities in the USA and overseas.

English to Thai translation and document legalization

If you need to translate into Thai a document originated in English, because intend to present it to authorities in Thailand, the translation and document itself should be certified and properly legalized.

Thailand is not a signatory country of Apostille Convention. Thus, any document meant to be used in Thailand should undertake multi – step embassy legalization. If you are not familiar with so called “chain” legalization process, consider passing the task of document legalization to specialists who will process your documents properly and in time.

Apoling Solutions translators and legalization professionals closely cooperate with each other when it comes to preparation of a document for international use, and ensure that any document translated and legalized by us will be accepted by Thai embassy, consulate or Thailand official authorities.

Expedited Thai translations

Need your Thai translation same or next business day?
We can provide rapid turnaround translations from or into Thai, even on very large documents using our large database of native Thai translators. On average our linguists can translate up to 3,000 per day, making it possible to get even the largest volume documents translated within few days. We also offer Thai translation in numerous language pairs including: English – Thai translations, Thai- French translations, Thai – Spanish translations, Thai – German translations, Thai – Greek translation, Thai – Russian translations, Thai – Italian translations, Thai – Hebrew translations, Thai – Albanian translations, Thai – Czech translations, Thai – Gergian translations, Thai- Uzbek translations, Thai – Ukrainian translations, Thai – Arabic translations, Thai – Portuguese translations, etc.

If you would like to discuss the details of you project and find more about out Thai translation services or document legalization process, please email us at: or call us at: (718) 676-4537 and speak to our project manager you is available 24/7.

You also can visit our translation agency in Brooklyn, New York and meet us personally. However, if you live in another borough (Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx, Queens or Long Island) or reside out of state, use the above mentioned means to communicate your Thai translation needs.