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Uzbek to English translations

Uzbek is the native and official language of Uzbek people. The language is also spoken in some regions of Northern Afghanistan and Eastern Turkey where Uzbek minorities have been living for centuries.
Considering present economic and political situation in Uzbekistan, more and more Uzbek immigrants keep arriving to the USA, and most of them prefer to settle in Brooklyn and NYC due to the language difficulties they might face in another states and more employment opportunities offered by one of the largest cities in the world.

Uzbek immigrants file petitions and applications with the USCIS, submit cases with the USA courts, plan to start or continue studies in the U.S. or apply for well – paid jobs with private companies or government agencies. In order to process the applications, they have to submit their documents along with the translation into English. Since the Republic of Uzbekistan became an independent state after the collapse of the Soviet Union, most of the documents in Uzbekistan are issued in Uzbek language and not in Russian as it was before. Thus, recently the demand on Uzbek to English translation has been noticeably growing.

Uzbek to English translations

In order to help Uzbek immigrants overcome the language barriers, the Apoling Solutions offers professional Uzbek translation services that are faultlessly written, flawlessly formatted, and, fairly rated, of course. Our certified translations from Uzbek into English are widely accepted by the USCIS/INS, government, legal authorities, schools, colleges, universities, professional organizations, medical facilities, courts, banks, mortgage brokerages, real estate companies, etc.
We are a corporate member of the American Translators’ Association and meet the strictest requirements regarding certified Uzbek translation services.

Uzbek document translation

No matter how complex your document is, no matter how specific the language of your document is, no matter how big is your translation project – we will deliver any document translation within time frames indicated by a client.

We translate from Uzbek into English and from English into Uzbek various types of public and personal documents including but not limited to:

Uzbek Birth Certificate translation
Uzbek Marriage Certificate translation
Uzbek Divorce Certificate translation
Uzbek Divorce Decree translation into English
Uzbek Diploma translation
– Uzbek Transcript translation
Uzbek Academic Record translation
– Uzbek Record of Final Grades translation
_Personal Letters translation for political asylum cases
Uzbek Medical Exam Report translation
– Uzbek Medical History translation
Uzbek Vaccination Cards translation
– Uzbek Vaccination Certificate translation
Uzbek Financial Statement translation
– Uzbek Financial Report translation
Uzbek Bank Statement translation
– Uzbek Passport translation
– Uzbek Driver License translation
– Uzbek Court documents translation
Uzbek Agreement translation
– Uzbek Patent translation
– Uzbek Business Contracts translation

Please, see below a sample of Uzbek Immunization Card translation into English:

Uzbek document translation Brooklyn, NY
Professional translation from Uzbek

Uzbek translation and Apostille

Since April 15, 2012 Uzbekistan is an Apostille Convention country. Therefore, any document apostilled in the office of the Secretary of State and accompanied by a notarized/certified translation into Uzbek or Russian language is accepted in Uzbekistan without legalization by the Consular Section.

If you need to use your translation or a document that is written in Uzbek or Russian (such as power of attorney, statement, parental consent for obtaining passports by children in OVIR) in Uzbekistan, we will prepare the document along with a certified translation into Uzbek or Russian, obtain an Apostille Stamp on it, and a Notary Public will bind translation and original documents in accordance with requirements of authorities in Uzbekistan and in Uzbek Consulates in the USA or any other foreign country. You do not have to worry about a thing by letting us do the tedious and time – consuming paperwork for you!

Our translators from Uzbek into English

Uzbek is a quite diversified language with a variety of dialects. Among the most popular dialects of Uzbek are Ferghana dialect, Afghan dialect, Chimkent-Turkestan dialect, Surkhandarya dialect and Khorezm dialect. Also, because of Islamic influence, Uzbek vocabulary has an ample presence of Arabic words which have entered its vocabulary through Persian. It has also been heavily influenced by Persian languages spoken in the neighboring regions and dialects like Farsi, Dari and Tajik. Accordingly, when it comes to professional translation from or into Uzbek language, it is crucial that a translator to be aware of the Uzbek language linguistic diversities.

In order to deliver the super quality translations from Uzbek into English or from English into Uzbek, Apoling Solutions carefully studies every single translator’s linguistic performance and warily examines every single translation delivered. Thus, we guarantee that with us you’ll get the best translation experience in the area.

Our Uzbek translation agency is located in Brooklyn, NYC, however, we assist Uzbek immigrants nationwide. If you live in NJ, PA, OH, FL, CA, CT or any other state, email us a copy or a photo of your document via email, and get it done the same or next  day. We’ll ship you the documents for NO additional CHARGE!

We also provide translations from Uzbek into Russian, from French into Uzbek, from Uzbek into Spanish , from Uzbek into German and many other language pairs.

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