Punjabi translation service new york brooklyn
Punjabi, an Indo-Aryan language is the 10th most spoken language in the world. The language is spoken by about 130 million people – those, who live in the Punjab region of Pakistan and India, in Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi and Indian immigrants residing overseas.

In the United States Indian immigrants is the third largest group after Mexicans and Chinese. They deal with immigration and official authorities on daily basis, make attempts to enroll their children into American schools, apply for graduate or post – graduate studies in the USA,  receive medical treatment in hospitals, file courts petitions, etc. That’s why the demand on professional certified translation from Punjabi into English has been constantly increasing.

Certified Punjabi document translation into English

Taking into consideration needs of Indian immigrants whose documents might be originated in India or Punjab and are produced in Punjabi, Apoling Solutions offers wide range of certified Punjabi translation services and guarantee delivery of superior quality Punjabi translation of the below listed types of documents:

Birth Certificate translation from Punjabi
Marriage Certificate translation from Punjabi
– Police Clearance Certificate translation from Punjabi into Englsih
– Personal Letters translation from/into Punjabi
– Employer’s Reference translation from Punjabi
Power of Attorney translation from Punjabi
– Punjabi Bank Statement translation
Punjabi Financial and Tax Document official translation
Punjabi Diploma or Academic Transcript translation
Punjabi Court Document translation into English
Corporate Documents translation from Punjabi
By – Laws translation from Punjabi into English
– Partnership Agreements translation from/into Punjabi
– Business Contracts translation from/ or into Punjabi
– Business Presentation translation from Burmese into English
– Advertizing Materials translation services

Translators from Punjabi into English

We assign every translation to the  reliable and expert Punjabi translators, proofreaders and editors who are doctors, attorneys, employees of financial sector, technical or software specialists. All translators whom we chose to work with are members of such professional organizations as American Translators Association, Translators Without Borders, NAJIT, etc. They possess extraordinary linguistic skills, have excellent knowledge of medical, legal, financial and technical terminology and exceptional document formatting abilities.

Document legalization for use in Punjab and India

Punjab and India are parties of Hague Apostille Convention. This means that every document originated in a foreign country should be apostilled if destined for Punjab or India. If your documents do not bear an Apostille Stamp the will be denied acceptance by authorities overseas.

When it comes to document translation and legalization, Apoling Solutions is your reliable partner and adviser. Our Mobile Notaries Public and Apostille Agents will take you through the debris of document legalization process and prepare any document the way it to be recognized and accepted in India or Punjab.

For years Apoling Solutions has been offering expertise of our Apostille specialist, individual approach to every single document and project and the most fair rates on Apostille services in New York and Brooklyn. With us you are ensured that any document you might need to get done will be prepared appropriately and at the appointed time.

Ordering a Punjabi to English translation or Apostille service

If you need expedited, same – day translation form Punjabi, please
1. Bring a document in our office and order Punjabi translation services personally, or
2. Make a photo of your document using your phone or scanner, and email it at: apolingsolitions@gmail.com
3. We’ll get back to you within an hour or even less with free – quote and completion time. If the rates are acceptable (and we are sure they will be), make payment via PayPal, phone or by filing our Payment Form
4. Get a translation via complimentary regular mail, pre – ordered USPS certified, overnight, priority or express mail

If you did not find an answer on your question on this website, do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone. Our customer service team handles all inquiries 24/7 – we understand that the time is important!