Romanian to English translation service
Romanian is a Romance language spoken by about 24 million people in Romania, Moldova and some parts of Ukraine. In Moldova the Romanian language became an official tongue after the collapse of the Soviet Union.Therefore, most of official documents (powers of attorney, vital records, school records and diplomas) in Moldova are produced in Romanian language, and Moldavian authorities always ask for certified translation into Romanian if you need to submit with them  a document which is in a foreign language.

There are 161,000 Romanian immigrants living in New York City metro area. Therefore, the demand on Romanian to English translation service in NYC and other states remains unchanged, because people keep submitting documents with the USCIS, educational institutions and courts.

Romanian to English translations

To meet the needs of Romanian or Moldavian immigrants, Apoling Solutions offers professional  Romanian to English translation services of the superior quality, and helps clients to get well – done certified translation for official, immigration, educational or business purposes.

Do you have a personal document, a vital record or medical documents that you need to translation from or into Romanian? If so, you are at the right place!
Our ATA certified Romanian translators have extensive experience in specialized subjects such as:

Romanian educational document translation
Romanian legal document translation
Romanian medical translations
Financial and Banking documents translation from or into Romanian
Romanian technical document translations
Romanian video and audio translation and transcribing

Quality translation from Romanian

Romanian is a very specific language with numerous dialects. It also contains many words taken from the surrounding Slavic languages, and also from French, Old Church Slavonic, German, Greek and Turkish.

Our translators are familiar with Romanian languages dialects spoken in Romania and around the globe. Romanian translators whom we choose to entrust your document translation, are examined for professionalism and certification. Furthermore, before living our office, every Romanian translation is double checked for accuracy and correctness by professional Romanian editors, who are native speakers and have excellent command in both languages, Romanian and English. Accordingly, we assure that our Romanian translations are accepted by official offices and agencies in the USA and overseas.

If translation from English into Romanian is meant to be used overseas, we will certify it in accordance with international requirements by legalizing the document or obtaining an Apostille stamp on certification.

Romanian document translation services

Apoling Solutions linguists offer consistent and perfectly formatted certified Romanian to English translation and English to Romanian translation of the following types of documents:

Birth, marriage and divorce certificates translation from/into Romanian
– Court Judgments and Decrees
– Diplomas and School Transcripts translation from Romanian
– Medical histories, epicrisis, immunization cards translation
Corporate and business document translation from Romanian into English
– Bank Statements translation from Romanian into English
– Technical documents and materials translation services
– Advertising brochures and articles translation from Romanian

We are proud to provide professional translation services for New York and Brooklyn residents as well as for the clients living in California, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Delaware, Ohio, Georgia and Indiana – the states with the largest number of people with Romanian ancestry.

How to send us a Romanian document

If you live in Brooklyn or New York metro area, we welcome you to visit our office conveniently located in Bensonhurst (11214). But if you live out of state or your busy schedule does not allow you to come to our translation agency in Brooklyn NYC, scan your document or, what is easier, make a picture of your document on your IPhone or a smart phone, email it to us and get your Romanian translation done in just one business day. We will mail the translation to you by regular or express mail depending on how fast you need a document.

Romanian translation rates

The rates for Romanian to English and English to Romanian translation services may vary depending on the difficulty of the text, document format and the delivery time frame. However, no translation project is too big or too small. We will work closely with you to develop a cost-effective assistance that addresses your personal or business needs.

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