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English to Russian certified translation

If your document is  made in Russian language, and you need to use it in the United States then you need someone to translate a document  from Russian into English and provide you with certification in order your document to be accepted by the immigration authorities, universities where you intend to study, banks, courts or medical facilities.  Thus, if you hold a:

Birth, marriage or death certificate
– Russian Academic Diploma, Transcript, Academic Reference, Course Description
Certificate of Police Clearance
– FBI background check certificate
– Reference from a School or an Employer
Russian Bank Reference
– Russian Financial Statements
– Russian Tax Statements
– Russian Bank Statements and Slips
– Russian Employment Book
– Russian Military Card/Book
Russian Medical Exam Card or Vaccination Book
– Russian Passport
– Russian Driver License
Judgment of Divorce in Russian
– Judgement of Name Change in Russian
– Russian Court Documents
Russian diploma translation
Certified Russian academic record translationor any other personal  document that was  produced in the USA and you want to present it in Russia, the Russian Consulate or  in a country, where the Russian language is spoken (such as Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia), you should translate it  from English into Russian and obtain an Apostille Stamp for a document and for certified translation as well. Individuals though cannot provide you with the certified translation. Hence, our Russian translation services agency in NYC, Brooklyn, is the place where you to look for an assistance!

Russian translation of business documents

For the last few decades the Russian and Russian – spoken countries’ markets have been intensively expanded by the USA companies, searching for advantageous partnership opportunities and valuable cooperation with foreign companies.

Many USA corporations struggle to launch additional offices and build their enterprises in the countries of the former USSR and aim to sign business agreements with potential partners in Russia. On the other hand, many valuable Russian products, equipment, services and innovative ideas are unknown beyond the Russian-speaking world. If they were to compete on the world stage, most of these products and services would out rank their global competitors, and English is the only issue holding them back.

Business document translation into Russian. Corporate document translation New York.

Whether your niche market is related to Economics, Finance, Medicine, Law, Technology or any other field our translators will handle any type of English to Russian translation, providing you with quality certified translation services. From by – laws and certificates of incorporation, contracts and agreements, minutes and memorandums, licenses and insurance policies to advertising materials and software localization – our professional translators can handle them all. We also can obtain an Apostille on any of your corporate documents and prepare them in accordance with international legal reguirements and legal regulations of the country where you intend to do your business.

Russian legal document translation

No matter if you are an individual who needs to translate from Russian a judgment, a court decision, summons or complaints or a legal entity looking for Russian translation of foreign statues, articles of law, confidentiality agreements or expert reports, our translators, who are the experts of the legal filed,  we are glad to offer you the linguistic knowledge of our professional Russian translators along with extensive experience in legal documents translation from Russian into English and vice versa. When it comes to translating of legal documents into Russian it is important that the task to be carried out by professionals who understand both the legal environment of the USA and Russia.  If you need to translate Russian laws or regulations to English or legal documentation from English into Russian, it is crucial to hire a Russian translator who is familiar with legal terms and phrases. Otherwise, translation may be unreliable, misleading and cause serious problems.

Divorce Judgement translation into Russian

Technical translation from Russian

Nowadays, many businesses in the USA, especially in NYC, purchase technical equipment, machines and devises from the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States – countries. Consequently, owner’s manuals, technical specifications or patents require Russian to English translation. Technical translation from Russian though should be performed only by a Russian translator with strong background in science and technology, in – depth knowledge of technical terminology and proficiency in Russian and English languages, of course.

Our Russian translators

If you find yourself searching for someone to translate documents from Russian to English, then Apoling Solutions is the place that you can consider to hire for professional translation assistance needs, because our Russian translators are:

  • professionals who have degrees in the languages they translate
  • not only fluent in the verbal aspect of the languages but are professional editors as well
  • experienced individuals who have passed various tests before they are entrusted with any assignment
  • are American Translators’ Association certified
  • have an intimate understanding of field (Economics, Technology, Law, Medicine, Business, Finance etc.) that they are translating

Please contact our translation services agency in Brooklyn, NYC for the best Russian to English translation rates and price negotiation! We also can deliver a translation the same – day for a little additional fee!