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Slovak language, often confused with the Slovenian, belongs to the group of the Western Slavic languages and is spoken by up to 6 million people in Slovakia and Slovak immigrants in Canada, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Ukraine and the USA. Slovak is very much alike Ukrainian, Czech, Polish and Serbian. However, numerous linguistic dissimilarities make it distinct from other Slavic languages. Thus, performing translation from Slovak requires a translator to be a native speaker with good linguistic skills, because understanding Slovak language is not enough for producing consistent translation. Translation should mirror linguistic nuances and cultural specifics.

Slovak to English translation

The Apoling Solutions linguists whom we chose to cooperate with and entrust with the assignment of Slovak documents and texts translation, are carefully examined for linguistic proficiency in both, source and target language, certifications in particular industries and level of formatting skills. Because we struggle to deliver the most accurate, precisely formatted and perfectly written certified translations from Slovak, our Slovak translators are demanded to follow the rules of the American Translators Association rules and requirements regarding professional certified translation. Therefore, with Apoling Solutions you can be sure that any translation handled by us, will be accepted by official, government departments and immigration authorities in the USA, your business partners and legal representatives in the Slovak Republic, in Slovak consulates and embassies overseas.

Slovak Document translation services

Considering the needs of individual clients and businesses, we are glad to provide you with reliable Slovak to English translation and English to Slovak translation services by performing translation of the documents listed below:

Birth certificate translation from Slovak
– Marriage Certificate translation from Slovak
– Divorce Certificate translation from/into Slovak
Slovak Diploma translation
– Slovak Academic Records translation into English
– Slovak Transcript translation into English
– Slovak Court Decrees translation
– Slovak Power of Attorney translation
Judgment of Divorce translation from Slovak
– Financial Reports translation from Slovak
Bank documents translation from Slovak
– Slovak Vaccination Cards translation from Slovak
– Medical History translation from Slovak into English
Technical manuals translation from Slovak
– Advertising Materials translation from Slovak
Corporate Documents translation from Slovak
– Business Contract translation into Slovak or into English
– Legal or Business Agreements translation
Audio and video translation from/into Slovak

Slovak translations for business

Since the Slovak Republic became a member of the European Union, its economic and social situation noticeably changed. Slovak and foreign companies have been initiating business partnerships resulting in signing various business agreements and contracts, obtaining patents in other countries of the UE and the USA, participating in international conferences and meetings. On the other hand, the USA corporations keep trying entering the Slovak market as they consider it a promising potential for gaining new customers and partners. Accordingly, the demand on business documents translation from Slovak into English and from English into Slovak has been constantly growing. In order to help the business to overcome language barriers we offer efficient professional translations of the following types of business documents:

– Publication and Brochures translation from English into Slovak
– Marketing Materials translation from Slovak or from English into Slovak
– Press Release translation from/into Slovak
– Business Licenses translation
– Insurance Policies translation from Slovak
– Corporate By – Laws translation
– Certificates of Incorporation translation
– Memorandums translation
– Real Estate Documents translation from Slovak

English to Slovak translation and Apostille

If you mean to use the documents issued in the USA and translated by a USA translation agency, in the Slovak Republic, they require legalization. Without an Apostille Stamp your documents might not be accepted overseas. Bearing this in mind, Apoling Solutions offers Apostille services on documents and Apostille on translator’s Certificate of Accuracy in order to make your documents prepared in accordance with International Law, the USA legal requirements regarding obtaining an Apostille Stamp and internal official regulations of the Slovak Republic regarding foreign document recognition.

How to order Slovak translation

Our translation agency is conveniently located in Brooklyn, NY. However, we are proud to serve clients nationwide. We welcome you to visit our office. Yet, if your schedule does not allow to come and see us personally, or you live out of state:

1. Make a photo of your document on your smart phone
2. Fill a request for an obligation – free quote
3. Upload your document
4. Receive response within an hour
5. If the quote is acceptable, make a payment via phone, PayPal or filling our Credit Card Authorization Form which we can send you via email
6. Specify your time frames
7. Pick up translation in person or get it by mail.

If you have any additional questions regarding our official Slovak translation services, feel free to contact our project manager who is available 24/7 and will be glad to answer any inquiry.