Slovenian Translation services New York Brooklyn

If you are looking for certified quality translations from or into Slovenian language, because need to present a document of text to official authorities in the USA or overseas, Apoling Solutions’ linguists are here to assist!

Certified translations from Slovenian

At Apoling Solutions we take pride in producing the professional Slovenian translations in a number of language pairs. Most of our translations are Slovene to English, but with English and Slovene native – speakers assisting us with most texts required translation into Slovenian, we are able to offer English to Slovene translations meeting highest standard in the U.S. and overseas. Having native speakers of each language working together on every single project – from translation to proofreading – means far more colloquial sounding translations and far fewer mistakes. We also offer a number of other language combinations including Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, and Croatian to Slovene.

Our English and Slovene native speakers are experts in languages and are ATA certified and have vast Slovenian translation experience in particular fields:

Medical translation from Slovenian
Legal translation from Slovenian
Technical translation services
Slovenian document translation for Immigration purposes
Financial document translation from Slovenian
Business documents translation from Slovenian
– Scientific text and research papers translation
– Hospitality – related materials translation from Slovenian
– Healthcare and Beauty materials translation
– Power Point Presentation translation

Slovenian to English document translation services

Translation is not just about taking words and sentences and finding the closest equivalent in another language.  It is called transcreation –  producing a natural, flawless and culturally correct translation, an understanding of the subtleties of words, phrases and meaning is crucial – both in the source and target languages.

Apoling Solutions is committed to providing high-quality professional Slovenian translation services that meet your personal and business objectives. Our range of document translation services includes the following:

Slovenian Vital Records translation
Slovenian Diploma translation
Slovenian Transcript translation
– Slovenian Course Description translation
Slovenian Bank Statement translation
Slovenian Financial Reference translation
– Slovenian Employer’s Reference translation
– Slovenian Passport translation
– Slovenian Driver License translation
Slovenian Medical Record translation
– Slovenian Medical Exam translation
Slovenian Vaccination Card translation
– Slovenian Court Document translation
Slovenian Judgment translation
– Slovenian Divorce Decree translation
– By – laws translation
– Corporate documents translation
– Business document translation
– Corporate Presentation and Advertising Meterials translation
Slovenian Technical Manuals translation
– Slovenian Tourism translation

We provide very high quality and elegantly presented translations at highly competitive prices. Official certified Slovenian translations completed by us are undeniably accepted by the USCIS, government agencies, colleges and universities, medical facilities, courts and attorney offices.

Translation from English to Slovenian

If your document was issued in the USA and you intend to present it to official authorities in Slovenia, getting your documents translated from English into Slovenian might not be enough.

Slovenia is a member of Apostille Convention (1961) and this means that to be valid in Slovenia your document and certified translation should be legalized by obtaining an Apostille Stamp.

Apoling Solutions is a full – service agency providing certified translation and Apostille services as well. We can help you to retrieve a proper document, draw up a Power of Attorney in Slovenian or English and legalize your documents in accordance with legal requirements, ensuring their acceptance by Slovenian officials.

Ordering Slovenian translation

Ordering Slovenian translation services was never that easy as it is nowadays. If you cannot visit out translation agency in Brooklyn, NY, you can send us as a free – quote request, upload a picture of your document, receive a quote, make payment via phone or PayPal, and get your documents by mail.
We also provide the same – day translation services for a small additional charge and are able to deliver translation within 1-2 hours (depending on volume translated) or next business day.

If you have any questions regarding a document you would like to get translated from Slovenian into English, from English to Slovenian or any other language combination, feel free to contact us. Our project manager is available 24/7 online and is on the phone during our office operation hours.