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New York is one of the most populated cities in the United States, inhabited by more than 8 million people. It is also considered the biggest financial center of the word. New York, or generally referred to as the “Big Apple”, is the center of economic, political and government and international activities.

As an entry point for many immigrants, New York has developed into a melting pot of different nationalities, cultures and, of course, languages. Over 35% of the NYC population is born overseas.

While no one country of origin dominates in New York, the following are the major ones: China, Jamaica, Guyana, Mexico, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Russia, Poland and Ukraine. Over 150 languages are spoken in NYC with Spanish being the dominate language next only to English. Hispanics population in NYC makes up about 27% of the New York City inhabitants with a visible Puerto Rican, Mexican and Dominican domination. Hence, any document translated from or into Spanish for a green card or other immigration purposes, educational, medical or financial needs should consider these influences with respect to the type and dialect of Spanish language used.

Official Spanish translation NYC

Considering important immigration, personal and business needs of the Hispanic population, Apoling Solutions offers professional translation services from Spanish into English and from English into Spanish. For years we have been offering businesses and individuals reliable and culturally – consistent Spanish translation services provided by our native Spanish translators, who know about the changing nature of the language and have in- depth understanding of its various dialects. This allows us to provide the most accurate Spanish to English translations and English to Spanish translations, because the Spanish translators whom we’ve chosen to work with have a natural comprehension of the the linguistic diversities, outstanding knowledge of terminology and specifics of particular industries.

Whether you need to translate from Spanish into English or from English into Spanish:

Birth, marriage or divorce certificate
Diplomas, transcripts, attachments, course descriptions
FBI Background Check Certificate translation into Spanish
– Police Clearance Certificate
– Judgement of Name Change translation into Spanish
Court documents or other legal documents
Medical examination, medical histories, references, vaccination records
Financial documents or bank statements
Business document translation: by-laws, corporate documentation, agreements, contracts, etc.
– advertising materials translation into Spanish
– Website translation into Spanish

we will provide you with documents translation services efficiently and without delay. See our translation sample below:


Spanish translator brooklyn New York
Spanish translation Brooklyn, New York

Business document translation into Spanish

Becoming a multilingual corporation is beneficial for many reasons, such as, maintaining a professional image that is responsive to the cultural and legal diversity and obtaining more customers in the Spanish – speaking countries of Latin America and Europe. 34 million patrons represent prospective clients, and your business should not be limited by existing language barrier which prevent your corporation from gaining new markets. If your company is looking for possibility of becoming an international corporation, most of documents meant to be used for business and legal transactions overseas will require Spanish to English and English to Spanish translation.

By providing professional translations of business documents, legal agreements and contract, and marketing materials, Apoling Solutions is of a big assistance to corporations and small businesses which struggle to overcome the linguistic limitations and communicate their message clearly and effectively to partners and clients whose native language is Spanish. Our Spanish translators are experts in particular fields, and most of them are educators, attorneys, medical practitioners, engineers, etc., and their vast knowledge of the translation fields allow us to deliver business translations of the best quality and within the strictest time frames.

Latin America, USA and Mexican Spanish translation are available so you can target the right market with your translations. We offer you efficient and consistent Spanish translation services provided by our native Spanish translators, who know of the changing nature of the language.


English to Spanish translation and Apostille

Being a honorable member of the American Translators’ Association, we ensure that our certified translations from Spanish into English and English into Spanish will be accepted by the INS and USCIS, colleges and schools, hospitals and banks in the USA and by government and private authorities in the Spanish – spoken countries.

Furthermore, if you need to use your English to Spanish translation overseas and the country is a party of the Apostille Convention, our professional team of certified Spanish translators, notaries public and apostille agents will properly legalize your document and certified the translation the way they to be accepted internationally.

Not familiar with document legalization procedure? No problem! Contact Apoling Solutions! We are always here to help!

How to order Spanish translation service

When you choose Apoling Solutions to be your reliable Spanish translation service partner, you will always receive the most personalized attention. We are passionate about delivering certified, consistent and precisely formatted Spanish translation and promptly respond to your Spanish translation needs. Let us assist you with your next translation or interpreting project. You will be pleased with our attention to detail and surprised by how easy it is to work with us.

For quality Spanish translation service and the best translation rates in NYC and Brooklyn area, please contact our local Brooklyn, NYC office for a free quote.

However, if you reside in other borough (Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island or Manhattan) or live out of state – simply make a photo of your document, email it to us, receive an no- obligation estimation and get your translation complimentary mailed to the address provided by you!

Expedited, same – day translation services are also available for a little additional fee, because we understand that often time is crucial and decisive.