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Tajik language is also known as the New Persian language, and it is closely related to Dari language and Persian (Farsi) language . It is an official language of the Republic of Tajikistan and also spoken by the Minorities of Tajik people in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, some European countries and the United States of America.

Professional Tajik to English translations

Considering the linguistic diversities of Tajik language, translations from or into Tajik are quite complex and require more time than, let’s say, professional translations from the European languages.  For this reason, to produce a quality translation from Tajik into English, a Tajik translator should be a native speaker fluent in source and target languages, be proficient in particular translation fields and possess good computer skills allowing to produce the translation in the format of the original document.

Being a leading and reputable provider of certified translation services in New York and the USA and a corporate member of the American Translators Association, Apoling Solutions takes pride in delivering consistent, well – written, culturally correct, precisely formatted and fairly rated Tajik to English and English to Tajik translations meant to be presented before the USCIS, courts, schools, colleges, universities, medical facilities, doctors’ offices, banks and other official institutions in the United States and overseas.

Tajik official document translation

We know the requirements regarding official certified translation from Tajik and serve customers in NYC metro area (Brooklyn, Staten Island, Bronx, Manhattan and Long Island) and clients residing in other states by offering professional Tajik translation services for the wide range of documents listed below:

Tajik Birth certificate translation
– Tajik Marriage certificate translation
Tajik Divorce certificate translation
– Tajik Death certificate translation
Tajik Passport translation
– Tajik Driver License translation
– Tajik Police Clearance translation
Tajik Court Judgment translation
– Tajik Bank Statement translation
Tajik Bank Reference translation
– Tajik Personal Letters translation
Tajik Power of Attorney translation
– Tajik Medical History translation
Tajik Medical Exam translation
– Tajik Vaccination Card translation
Tajik Employment Record Book translation
– Tajik Diploma translation
Tajik Academic Record translation
– Tajik School Transcript translation
Tajik Course Description translation
– Tajik Advertising Materials translation
Tajik Business/Corporate Document translation
– Tajik Business Agreement translation
Tajik Patents translation
– Tajik By – Laws translation

All Tajik translations delivered by us are accepted by government agencies, official and private institutions in the USA and foreign countries.

Tajik translation and field of expertise

Apoling Solutions’ professional translators have excellent command in Tajik, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian , Russian and other languages and ensure that any translation performed by us is of the highest quality. Because, in addition to linguistic proficiency, the Tajik translators whom we chose to work with are the best experts in the following industries:

Tajik Document translation for Immigration
Tajik Medical document translation
Financial Document translation from Tajik
Tajik Educational Document translation
Tajik Legal and Court Document translation
Tajik Technical translation

Having in – depth knowledge of specific legal, medical, financial and technical terminology, our linguists ensure the translations will be accurate, correct and efficient, and, consequently, accepted by legal authorities.

Tajik translations for use in Tajikistan and document Apostille

In spite the Tajik language is an official language of the Republic of Tajikistan, Tajikistan is a former USSR republic which accepts foreign documents translated into Russian. However, the documents and certified translation should be legalized in accordance with international legal regulations and the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan. “Properly legalized” means that any foreign public document ( birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, judgment of divorce, power of attorney, statement, согласие на продажу, согласие на выезд ребенка, еtc.) that you are going to take to Tajikistan should bear an Apostille Stamp. Without an Apostille your documents will not be recognized.

Tajikistan is the last but one of the former Soviet Republics to sign up to the Hague Apostille Convention.
Tajikistan acceded to the Apostille Convention on 20th February 2015 and it enters into effect on October 31, 2015. Therefore, beginning October 2015 Apostille Stamp is required for all documents issued in the USA or any other Apostille Convention signatory country in order a document to be recognized by Tajik authorities.

Apoling Solutions has vast experience in foreign document preparation and will gladly assist you with power of attorney, statements and affidavits preparation, certified translation of your documents into required language and obtaining an Apostille or performing embassy legalization of your documents if necessary.

How to order a document translation from Tajik into English

Apoling Solutions professional translation and legalization agency is located in Brooklyn, NYC. We welcome you to visit us personally, yet, if you live in another borough, state or country, the most recent technologies would be helpful to communicate your needs:

1. Make a picture of your document using your Smart Phone
2. Upload the photo using “Request a free quote” from on this website or sent us an email with an attachment.
3. Receive a quote within an hour.
4. Make a payment using secure PayPal service or by phone.
5. Pick up your documents in our office or get them delivered to your door by complimentary regular, prepaid Express, FedEx or DHL mail.

If you have any other questions regarding our Tajik translation services, feel free to contact us. We are always here to assist!